Created in 2007, PrestaShop has become an e-commerce leader in the industry. With its intuitive interface and ease of access, it has emerged as a figurehead for those looking to get their feet wet in e-commerce despite limited IT knowledge. The platform is quite accessible and offers many templates for users to easily create a boutique with their specific brand and customize it in depth.

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General Information:

PrestaShop aims to be accessible and unifying, it is also open source. The goal: to build the e-commerce of the future, stone by stone. Not bothering with elitist prices and complicated interfaces, it is seeking to give everyone access to e-commerce.

PrestaShop currently powers over 250,000 e-commerce stores. With an interface fully adapting to different currencies and languages, the platform is continuing its ascent among the largest e-commerce groups. There are already 63 languages are available to users in order to satisfy an increasingly wide population.

PrestaShop is defined by two elements: a customizable front office and a simple back office that’s easy to handle. For the graphical front-end, quality templates are available directly from PrestaShop which can then be adapted to the products for sale. The user experience is important, so it is possible to change the location and critical points for your site to more easily attract the attention of buyers. To further customize the shop and get a result worthy of the best shopping sites, it offers advice tailored to your situation to better manage your image.

The back office is a simple interface. The information is grouped in a sidebar and navigation is available from several menus. The tasks are automated and essentially requires the seller to memorize where the interesting elements are located. Due to its popularity and its open source nature, the platform is very well documented on its website or online through this very large community. Updated regularly, PrestaShop allows you to directly download the latest version for free.

PrestaShop Pricing:

Plenty of modules to choose from: An important part of PrestaShop is their modules: both free and paid. They add many opportunities to manage your online store and are not to be overlooked. Many tools are recommended to start running your store easily on the platform.

Configure payment options: Whether via credit cards or Paypal, the platform offers many solutions to sell all your products quickly and securely. Associated with the largest shipping groups, you’re sure to always provide your customers with quality service.

A word from the founder of PrestaShop:

“Open source has been a part of the DNA of PrestaShop from the start. With the help of our incredible community we have built PrestaShop on the principles of accessibility, flexibility, and cost saving of open source software. As we continue to grow and innovate, collaboration and openness remain at the heart of our approach.” – Bruno Leveque, Founder


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