Recap: Deliver Events, the European Rendezvous for E-Logistics

Recap Deliver Events, the European Rendez vous for E-Logistics
Recap Deliver Events, the European Rendez vous for E-Logistics

This year, DELIVER Events was holding his 3rd edition of his invite-only gathering. The successful event managed to attract 750 (+70% compared to last year) attendees coming from 35 different countries.

Who was present at DELIVER Events London?

First of all, the event managed to gather 60 service providers. These service providers had the occasion to meet 450 decision makers from E-Commerce powerhouses. This gathering has been organized around 2,000 one-to-one meetings.

Who were the E-Logistics service providers?

The event managed to group all the biggest providers you can find on the market in the Twickenham Stadium. Indeed, this list of providers included international leader companies, and promising start-ups such as:

  • DHL
  • Colissimo
  • DPDGroup
  • Chronopost
  • Cubyn
  • Wing
  • WelcomeTrack

These providers were present to meet with E-Commerce companies attending this event. All these providers are used to work for E-merchants and are used to cross-border strategies.
All kinds of deliveries were taken in account by the E-Logistics Convention. From express delivery to first mile delivery, E-Commerce actors were able to find a promising solution provider or strategy for their company. All these companies spend billions euros every year to find a suitable solution, and provide good services to their customers.

Who were the E-Commerce companies at DELIVER Events London?

Big E-Commerce leaders were also present at the event, in order to exchange about E-Logistics’  issues. Indeed, 300 of these E-Commerce companies were present, coming from 60 countries in order to approach these issues with their pairs and solution providers. Here are some of the E-Commerce leaders and start-ups were present:

  • eBay, coming from United Kingdom
  • L’Oréal, coming from France
  • Luxottica, coming from Italy
  • Zalando, coming from Germany
  • Inditex, coming from Poland
  • CoolBlue, coming from Netherlands
  • Sephora, coming from France
  • EMag, coming from Romania
Recap Deliver Events, the European Rendez vous for E-Logistics

Thus, we can see from this sample of participants that DELIVER Events take every retailer in account. Whether the company is selling cosmetic products or clothes, or is a pure player or applies a phygital strategy, it shows that E-Logistics’ issues touch all kinds of industries and companies. 

DELIVER Events’ running

During the whole meeting, the attendees could perform and hear from multiple actors of E-Commerce and delivering. All of the invited companies also had the chance the run for the event’s awards, divided in 5 different categories: Risting Star Award, Sustainability Award, Cool Vendor Award, Customer Experience Award and Game Changer Award.

The Conference Program

The event was punctuated by a conference program, consisting of 4 conferences spread on the 2 days of the event. The main goal of these were to tackle multiple issues from the E-Logistics industry and its possibilities:

This conference aims at informing the attendees on the latest trends on investment in LogTech, tracked and provided by leading investors:

  • Christopher Steinau, Investment manager at Northzone
  • Thomas Ruben, Partner at DN Capital 
  • Charles Letourneur, Managing partner at Alven
  • Ernst Hoestra, Managing director at Startupbootcamp

All these investment experts gave their insights and opinions about promising business models for the future.

Autonomous Delivery & New Transportation Patterns in E-Logistics

3 founders of the most promising start-ups in the delivery industry were present to present their automatic and electric solutions for E-Commerces:

  • Daniel Laury, CEO & Co-founder of Udelv
  • Giordano Sordoni, COO & Co-founder of Thor Trucks
  • Dave Ferguson, President & Co-founder of Nuro
  • Parmy Olson, Technology writer at Forbes

The 3 founders, with the help of Forbes’ writer, Parmy Olson, showed their own solutions and talked about the future of delivery.

Warehouse robotization & fulfillment automation

3 experts representing 3 different continents were there to talk about the future of deliveries too, especially warehouses:

  • Frederik Brantner, CEO of  Magazino, coming from Germany
  • Yaro Tenzer, Co-founder of Righthand Robotics, coming from USA
  • Lit Fung, CEO of Geek +, coming from China
  • Sebastian Hoffman, Editor at MM Logistik, coming from Germany

Future of retail & latest technology programs

E-Commerce leaders in various industries were gathered to talk about the latest technologies set to influence the future of retail:

  • Susanne Given, Chairwoman at Outfittery
  • Shrenik Sadalgi, Head of Next Gen Experience at Wayfair
  • Yaron Amar, SVP Food E-Commerce at Carrefour
  • Mirko Warschun, MD & Head of retail EMEA at A.T. Kearney
Recap Deliver Events, the European Rendez vous for E-Logistics

These speakers have unveiled which technologies they are investing in, in order to enhance customer experience.

The Awards

As said earlier, all of the E-Logistics solutions invited to the event have a chance to run to the DELIVER Events Awards. Here are the runners and the winners in the 5 categories:

  • Rising Star Award, which rewards the most promising start-up:
    • Winner: FreightHub
    • Runner-ups: MyParcel and Oversea
  • Sustainability Award, which rewards the company with highest environmental achievements:
    • Winner: Seven Senders
    • Runner-ups: What3Words and CMC
  • Cool Vendor Award, which rewards the company with the most respected brand and inspiring services:
    • Winner: Paack
    • Runner-ups: Lil Packaging, Russian Post and Facility Lockers
  • Customer Experience Award, which rewards the company delivering the best executed service:
    • Winner: Urbantz
    • Runner-ups: ParcelLab, ShopRunBack and WelcomeTrack
  • Game Changer Award, which rewards the company who has the potential to disrupt the industry:
    • Winner: ShipUp
    • Runner-ups: Peoplevox and


DELIVER Events offered its attendees the opportunity to network and discover new or already existing delivery solutions fitting the E-Commerce industry. Next year, the event will take place in Lisbon, on June 5 & 6 and will be involving 1,200 delegates. 

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