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Happening in Madrid | 28 March 2019 | Convention Center North (IFEMA)

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2019 has already arrived and with it, the new trends that will help revolutionise the retail sector.
Personalization of products. With the technological advances in production and distribution, as well as the increase in online purchases, personalized products are booming and will allow us to individualize in a mass production market.
Intelligent spaces. Intelligent mirrors, virtual reality and augmented reality have been in operation for several years, but this year will be the year of their implementation in physical and virtual stores.
Ethical and sustainable shopping. Social awareness and increased glocalization, consumers can search online products made locally and with materials appropriate to the ecosystem.
Dropshipping. The process by which sellers send the product directly to the consumer without going through the store, originally patented by Amazon and other technological giants, has finally reached the small business, speeding up the purchase and distribution process.
Paying with your mobile. The end of 2017 and 2018 saw the birth of this technology, but it will be this 2019 when its use spreads. This is due to the expansion of the iPhone payment system, which works with its own Apple pay system. Until a few months ago, this payment system was not compatible with many dataphones and required an additional card issued by the bank, but the general acceptance of the mobile as a payment method will make in 2019 more merchants accept it.
Virtual personal shoppers. Artificial intelligence is one of the innovations that advances faster, from personal assistants such as Google home or Amazon Echo to chatbots that facilitate our online shopping, this 2019 we can see how our stores will begin to adopt this technology to improve consumer experiences.
Nanotechnology. In development for more than a decade, applications of nanotechnology are becoming a reality and every day we will see more uses in our daily lives.
We have already reviewed the most relevant trends for 2019. Will you bet on these novelties? Don’t know where you can find them? Come to Retail Forum and see our Future Shop, where you will know these novelties and many more!

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