Why social selling on Facebook is essential to your ecommerce marketing strategy

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Thinking about starting your social selling on Facebook? This can be one of the big bets for your business. According to EveryoneSocial data, this strategy can produce earnings returns up to 16% higher than other marketing techniques. But what are their specific benefits for e-commerce and other companies? Discover them in the following lines!
Social selling has emerged as a response to the possibility of finding potential customers on networks such as Twitter, Instagram, and especially Facebook. The active user community of the Zuckerberg platform exceeds 2.3 billion (January 2019). Unlike Pinterest or Snapchat, its audience is really varied, covering all demographic groups. Therefore, the B2C and B2B brands are interested in using it as part of their business strategy.
Through social selling on Facebook, marketers can find new sales opportunities, build relationships of trust and ultimately reach their sales quotas more easily. Of course, if Joe Girard, Mary Kay Ash, and other iconic marketers remained active, they would certainly use Facebook in their daily lives.

Why social selling on Facebook? 5 interesting answers

Do you want to improve your ecommerce brand recognition, better manage your reputation, or build strong relationships more easily? The answer to these needs is social selling on Facebook, a strategy increasingly used among companies engaged in e-commerce.

Because it helps to manage your reputation

Reputation crises are a constant threat to all companies, but especially to ecommerce. eBay, GAP, Hawkers and other well-known online shops have suffered from this problem in the last decade. Causes include a wrong advertising campaign, employee discomfort, or service deficiencies.
Beyond the causative factors, marketing specialists can slow down or cushion reputation crises, as long as they are detected in time. Facebook is the perfect social network to achieve this! In addition to achieving sales, social selling professionals listen to their customers’ buzz on a daily basis. In this way, they can ‘hunt’ for new trends. Or identify possible reputation crises, acting accordingly to stop them in time.

Because it generates leads and conversions

Knowing how to sell on Facebook is an art that not everyone dominates. Communicating with your users is not like making a phone call or doing a mailing campaign. This type of ‘cold door’ contact is on the verge of extinction, as new generations hate the corporate tone.
One of the benefits of social selling is the ability to listen and participate in existing conversations about ecommerce products and services. The big brands even have dedicated groups. But you don’t have to work for eBay, Amazon, and other giants to take advantage of this benefit.
Users express their complaints and needs in public. This is a great opportunity to show them a product that solves these problems – this is where social selling on Facebook does its magic! It is really easy to detect these problems within this social network and participate in conversions of potential customers.

Because it helps to build customer loyalty

Connecting with existing customers is another invaluable advantage of doing social selling on this platform. Maintaining and growing a loyal consumer base is the goal of any company. The best way to achieve this, in addition to satisfying your needs, is to establish constant communication.
Facebook allows social sellers to keep in touch with almost all their clients, as it would be difficult to find a person without a profile on this social network. Therefore, customer retention programs should include Facebook in their strategy. Of course, not forgetting email, phone calls or physical meetings. Facebook cannot replace any of this, but it is an extraordinary complement.

Because it improves brand recognition

The search for brand recognition is present in all brands. Even names like Walmart, eBay, or Amazon need to remind their customers that they are still there, satisfying their needs. To achieve this, investment in advertising is a powerful ally. But you don’t always have to make this outlay.
Publishing regularly on Facebook and keeping the business profile or fan page ‘alive’ actively contributes to brand recognition. In addition, social sellers can participate in user conversations and publications, which means they can actively promote word of mouth.
For example, if a customer has a problem with the limited power of his mixer, the social seller could intervene and recommend a product with the desired power. If you are able to add value, other users will listen to you. Surely, another fascinating answer to how to sell more on Facebook.

Because it allows you to build solid relationships

Another invaluable advantage of social selling is relationship building. In order to close a sale, it is not enough to have a quality product: the brand and the customer must have a solid bond. Authors such as Ben Stein have stated: “Personal relationships are the fertile soil from which all advancement, all success, all achievement in real life grows”.
Facebook is an excellent social network for building strong relationships. Thanks to its internal messaging system, brands can communicate directly with consumers to answer their questions or inform them of a promotion or service of interest.
On an individual level, social sellers must establish relationships with their clients; then, they must listen to them and find a way to help them if it is in their hands (the perfect product will not always be available for the perfect client), and finally, a sale will be closed. This process must be respected: establish relationships, identify problems, help, and sell.
Building relationships is essential for the long-term success of any business strategy. And social selling on Facebook is a sure bet to achieve it!

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