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If you’re a small business or startup company, you may not have the time and budget to hire an expensive graphic designer to create your logo and other branded identity materials. If this is the case, then you may want to check out Tailor Brands. They developed an AI program to do all the design work for you, at a fraction of the cost.
And with their multiple subscription services and you can do a lot more than just design a new logo. So, let’s take an in-depth look at each of their features, pricing options, and pros/cons.

Tailor Brands Introduction

Tailor Brands removes all the hassle of creating a logo by putting you in control. Their clever AI-algorithm learns your design preferences and then produces an unlimited selection of designs for you to choose from, which you can then edit until you’re satisfied with the final product.
This means you don’t need years of graphic design experience or knowledge of Adobe Photoshop or other similar (and expensive) software programs. In fact, Tailor Brands has already served more than 3 million customers who have produced over 100 million designs. So they’re doing something right.
And they offer many more features on top of logo design. With their subscription, you can use Tailor Brands to create your entire branding assets for all of your campaigns under one roof.
So how does it work?

Designing a Logo with Tailor Brands

If you’ve ever tried a logo design tool before, they’re pretty fun to use. But they still require you to do all the hard work. You need to choose your colors, fonts, icons and select where to place everything.
Tailor Brands have a completely different approach. Instead, you tell their AI what name you want and a bit about your business and design preferences. It takes care of the rest.
Let’s look at an example.
The first step is to start with your logo name. Here we used Fred’s Shoes because we want to sell shoes online. You can include a tagline or company motto as well.
tailor brands homepage
Next, choose your company’s industry, and you can also write a bit about your business. It’s not a must, but it will help their AI create a logo. A drop-down list will appear to help you choose an industry. Very helpful if you’re not quite sure how to define your business.
tailor brands sign up
Then you can select one of three design preferences:

  • Icon based – Includes an image or unique shape with your logo.
  • Name-based – Your company name is the primary design element of your logo.
  • Initial based – Your initials are the primary design element.

Choosing the icon-based option allows you to pick between an abstract design or a specific icon, such as shoes or shopping carts, both fitting images for an online shoe store. If you already have your own icon, you can upload it here to use for your logo instead.
Now the next stage is the same for every option. You’ll be asked to choose between two different fonts, up to ten times. By choosing your preferred fonts, it allows the AI algorithm to zero in on the type of font you want for your logo, even if you’re not aware of what you actually want.
tailor brands style
By giving you only two fonts to choose from each time, it’s pretty easy to select the one you prefer.
Now sit back while it creates a long list of logos for your company. To help you view your logo in other situations, you can see how it looks on:

  • Business cards
  • Letters
  • Water bottles
  • Coffee cups
  • Facebook posts
  • T-shirts, notepads
  • shopping bags and many more essential items

You can scroll endlessly through the different logo ideas and choose the ones that really makes an impression on you.
tailor brands customisation
And if you want to make some finishing touches you can customize the:

  • Font type, style, and text
  • Color palette or choose individual colors to use
  • Edit the layout by moving the text and icon positions and alignment
  • Include a background color or transparent background
  • Choose a different icon or remove the image completely

Looking at all the different designs, you can see that there are plenty of unique logos. It’s as if you hired an army of designers to provide you with fantastic ideas. The AI learning process is straightforward, and the user interface is simple, with clear explanations of how to perform each step, and why it’s essential.
All in all, Tailor Brands has created an excellent logo design tool that takes away all the hassle and time-wasting that goes into creating a unique logo. However, they don’t just offer a logo design tool!
Click here to try Tailor Brands Logo Maker

Brand Book Design

As your business grows, you may find yourself losing control of your branding, which can cause some undesired consequences. Maybe someone else will start to run your social media campaigns, and you need to make sure that every time they use your logo, it fits with the post and banner designs.
As part of your logo package, Tailor Brand provides you with a brand book that provides helpful guidelines to keep everyone in check when using your logo.
When purchasing a logo, you receive more than just your original design. You’ll gain access to similar designs, such as all white, or all black also to use. And the brand book gives you excellent rules to follow to stop any mishaps or errors.
One of my favorite parts is the section on backgrounds, which also provides excellent examples of which backgrounds to use and which ones to avoid.
All of these valuable tips and pointers can seriously help your branding and keep it consistent over time, especially when new employees join your team.
All brand book rules and guidelines features:

  • Logo variations, how and when to use light and dark versions of your logo
  • Fonts and typography, how to use your fonts personality, combined with tone for clear communication
  • A color system breaks down each primary and complementary color, complete with color codes so you can easily use them elsewhere
  • Backgrounds – examples of correct usage of backgrounds and incorrect practices. Handy if someone else is handling your social media campaigns
  • Mockups are also included to help you visualize your logo’s use elsewhere

Social Media Branding Tools

If you’re not running social marketing campaigns, then you are part of a small majority of 2% of small business that doesn’t have any social media presence.
We love this feature because social media is such a vital part of any online business today. And Tailor Brands know this. They provide you with a bunch of social media tools to give your branding a boost.
So, what’s on offer here?
Right out of the box, Tailor Brands gives you different design templates for every social media network.

  • Instagram stories
  • Facebook posts and covers
  • YouTube thumbnails and channel art
  • Twitter headers and posts
  • Etsy shop covers and icons
  • Eventbrite headers
  • LinkedIn banners and many more

tailor brands new design
You can then use these templates to customize and post on your social media, complete with your newly designed logo.
And you can take it one step further with their ‘Social Tailor.’ This social media service allows you to design your posts, set an automatic posting date, and track key analytical data such as audience numbers, engagement rates, number of posts, and more.
Everything you need to run a successful campaign.
Social Tailor gives you the ability to take full control of your social media activity, by giving you the power to create, plan and execute multiple posts at once, while letting you track and optimize your results.
What better way to make an impact on your target market than via strong social media posts?

Graphic Design Tool

Tailor Brand also provide a pretty cool graphic design tool (much like Canva) that enables you to easily create on-brand graphic designs that you can use to create social posts, labels, flyers, posters and any other graphics you need to market and promote your brand.
This tool is super easy to use and takes the hassle out of trying to create a cohesive brand identity.
tailor brands custom theme

Tailor Brands Pricing

There are 3 different pricing plans available. If you’re a small business or startup the basic or standard plan has more than enough features to cover every business case, you’ll need for a logo.
tailor brands pricing
You can choose to pay monthly, but the most significant savings will come from the annual option of 1 year or 2 years.

  • The Basic package can be billed as low as $3.99 per month and includes complete access to brand assets, graphic design tools, and a website builder.
  • The Standard package is $5.99 per month (billed annually) and includes everything in the basic subscription plus extra brand assets and website tools.
  • The Premium package is 12.99per month (billed annually) it’s perfect for enterprises businesses or if you have a strong social media presence with multiple accounts.

Conclusions on Tailor Brands

That’s a lot of features packed into one subscription. One of Tailor Brands’ main advantages lies in its simplicity. It’s just so easy to use, and every service they offer seems to tout that mantra.
As we saw, it was incredibly uncomplicated to not only generate a logo but also edit it if needed.
And once we approved the design, we gained access to all the social media templates we’ll ever need, as well as the ability to create a great looking website.
If you’re an experienced designer who wants to do everything yourself from scratch, then this probably isn’t’ the right fit for you, but that’s ok because you’re not the target audience here.
But are you a small business owner, a startup company, or an entrepreneur on a budget and with limited time? Then Tailor Brands’ simple platform can kickstart your branding and give you the tools you need to succeed with your blogging, e-commerce, social media campaigns, and everything else in between.
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