The Digital Benchmark 2019

Large, fragmented, more and more complex, the landscape of MarTech solutions, is often criticized for its lack of readability.
Meanwhile, businesses find themselves faced with the need to take advantage of an array of big concepts, many with blurry lines. In this context, the expertise of these new domains, so full of promises, will first go through understanding: the different ecosystems, the positioning of the publishers and their technologies, and the selection criteria that allow businesses to find a solution.
Through its 3 pillars: a constant in-depth analysis of the ecosystems, a web platform to source and compare the MarTech solutions and an annual event to bring it all together.
The Digital Benchmark aims to assist decision-makers, marketers, and companies in their MarTech projects.
To date, our community has seen exponential growth from each edition to the next (300 attendees at London 2017 and 700 at Barcelona 2018).

We focus on Data Marketing, Big Data, UX, Analytics, Customer Relationship Management, Social Media, Omnichannel, Retail, B2B by bringing in the industry’s top talent and the newest.
The Digital Benchmark is organized by EBG, based in Paris and founded by Pierre Reboul.
Our next conference is in the Berlin Congress Center on May 22nd-24th, 2019.
Interested in joining the next digital wave? Contact us, we’d love to explore ways for you to take part.

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February PR:

EBG organizes the Digital Benchmark 2019 in Berlin (22nd-24th May)

2 days to compare and analyze MarTech solutions
Paris – February 1st 2019. After London in 2017 (350 attendees), Barcelona in 2018 (700 attendees), the EBG is organizing the third edition of the Digital Benchmark in Berlin from May 22nd to May 24th 2019. The event will bring together more than 900 digital decision-makers from the largest European companies to take a deep dive into the selection and implementation of MarTechs solutions (marketing and technology).

1-The must-attend event for digital decision-makers

From May 22nd to May 24th 2019, 900 digital decision-makers will gather in one of Europe’s most innovative and dynamic ecosystems for an exclusive event to:

  • Review, compare and analyze the best technologies and marketing solutions ;
  • Meet a selection of European solution providers among the most innovative;
  • Network with peers in a unique environment.

By invitation only, this event is reserved for digital decision-makers (CDx, Marketing, Digital, Data, Customer Relationship Management, Innovation & Technologies) and leaders of projects from advertising companies.
For more information about the event and to apply:

2- The new MarTech technologies screened thanks to the Digital Benchmark

The Digital Benchmark will tackle different Marketing and Technologic topics (Data Marketing, Data Science, CRM, Marketing Automation, Conversion Rate Optimization, Adtech, Retail, Social Media …) through conferences and workshops.
Even though the full agenda is yet to be finalized, the first studies have already started with several consulting firms:

  • Data Marketing (CDP / Data & Activation Platform, DMP Full Stack, Web Analytics): Customer Data Platforms are currently at the forefront. Some actors have chosen to take a clear position while others are still unsure. The study will focus on the positioning and contribution of this new category against DMPs and the Data Marketing ecosystem.
    • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO): The market for Conversion Rate Optimization solutions (CRO) is growing fast. This study will define an inventory of the main European players.
    • Attribution & Performance Media Measurement: It is a request made during the 2018 edition: to decode this subject (attribution/contribution). The 2019 Benchmark will analyze the strategy and positioning of Multi-touch Attribution (MTA) and Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM) actors.
    • Dataviz & Smart Data: This new topic will present the solutions that allow preparing, exploit and make intelligible a large amount of data.
    • GDPR compliance tools (CMP focus): The market for GDPR compliance tools is growing and is more structured. The analysis will provide a panorama of the tools for DPOs & Digital & Data teams, and an assessment of their abilities to meet the specific challenges of GDPR.
    • Conversational Technologies: The Bots Builders market has evolved considerably. From a technical perspective, the actors of this market are now positioning themselves on their products’ finale purpose: the ability to create, to feed and ensure a conversation. The 2019 study will follow the same path.
    • Social Media: The latest movements have concentrated the market of Social Media players, both in Listening and in pure Management. In these subjects, the cards have been redistributed. The 2019 Benchmark will consider this evolution and will address the challenge of creating digital content.
    • Marketing Automation: More and more connected to third-party data providers, automation platforms are an essential component. Even if the functionalities are relatively similar; a distinction will be made between B2B and B2C platforms in order to address the specific needs of professionals.
  • Omnichannel Customer Relationship Management: Solutions that offer a real multi-channel coverage of customer relationships management will be presented.
  • DSP / Programmatic: This study will present the main DSPs and Trading Desks of the market and will present a “programmatic maturity” matrix.
  • E-commerce Platforms: The choice of a CMS is a decisive factor in an e-commerce project. Through different use cases, the study will highlight the most suitable solutions.
  • Omnichannel & Retail: The digitalization of the point of sale is a recurring challenge. The 2019 study will review the best strategies and the different actors that are involved in this category.

3- The Yearbook: a succinct collection of analyses and observations

Each participant will receive a book of about 400 pages (the Yearbook) to share internally, which will synthesize several market studies conducted with the collaboration of independent consulting partners.
The objective of this document is to understand the positioning of market players, the benefits provided, the use cases treated by these solutions… and to help make decisions when looking for new technology providers.
The Digital Benchmark 2019

About the EBG (The Electronic Business Group) –

With 660 members and more than 110,000 active professionals, EBG is the leading French think-tank on digital innovation and marketing.
Its activities include conferences on the latest topics in the digital economy and marketing and task forces, working groups composed of advertisers and e-merchants that meet monthly.
In addition to weekly meetings, annual events bring together all the digital players:

Finally, EBG 500 Dinners are organised every three months for all Digital leaders in France (CMOs, e-commerce managers, agencies, media…).

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Philippe Khattou
Director of The Digital Benchmark
(+33)1 48 01 64 82
[email protected]
Caroline Mouchiroud
International Event Manager
(+33) 1 73 03 01 98
[email protected]


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