6 Unforgivable Email Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

One of the main flaws in email marketing is thinking that this type of practice does not bring any benefit – let’s put this error first, considering the number of e-commerce that reject mailing as a sales channel.
According to Imagination Publishing, email is the third most influential source of information for B2B audiences. This source of information lies just behind the recommendations of industry colleagues and opinion leaders. Another mistake in email marketing is thinking that customers won’t buy products through email.
According to the Hatchbuck agency, consumers who buy products through email spend 138% more compared to consumers who do not receive offers through their respective email accounts.

What are the pitfalls in email marketing that you shouldn’t make?

6 Unforgivable Email Marketing Mistakes to Avoid
Sending product offers via email should be taken seriously. Otherwise, it is quite possible that the recipient of these proposals may think that this is the typical spam email.
Also, the customer who receives the offers should notice that it is a personalized email, this will provide confidence, and therefore, it is very possible that the future sale will come to fruition. But let’s see below, what are the main flaws in the practice of email marketing.

Underestimating the importance of the ‘subject’ in the mail

You should think that the first thing the customer will see when they receive an email is the “subject”. Never underestimate this section of an email.
It should be attractive to the customer. The customer should be tempted to click to review its content. If this purpose is surpassed, it is possible that the purchase arrives in a good port.
Also, it would be interesting to avoid the use of typical words in spam emails, such as “free”, “best price”, “urgent”, among others.

Carry out mass mailings

6 Unforgivable Email Marketing Mistakes to Avoid
One of the worst flaws in email marketing is enhancing mass mailings.
It is true that this practice makes the job much easier, but in return, it eliminates any possibility of adding a certain degree of customization that gives more confidence to the recipient of the offers.
Therefore, it is much better to bet for a greater degree of individualism although this supposes more effort and time.

Do not segment email marketing lists

Perhaps not all users are interested in the same topics; in the same products. Therefore, a serious mistake in email marketing is to treat all recipients as equals.
The ideal in these cases is to know the tastes of users and create segmented email marketing lists, something that can also help that customization of which was referred to above. And consequently to obtain more sales with this decision on the part of the company.

Forget about mobile traffic

Forgetting about mobile users is currently one of the main failures in email marketing.
Many of the users surf daily from their smartphone or tablet and many of the habits that previously worked from a computer, have transferred these habits to mobile devices.
Therefore, the design of these emails should always be adapted and tested beforehand so that mobile users and tablets can view and interact seamlessly throughout the content.

Not working with specific goals and objectives

6 Unforgivable Email Marketing Mistakes to Avoid
Working aimlessly can cause the company not to grow as it should.
Why? Because working without goals and without a clear objective, will not give a clear vision of whether the marketing strategy being followed is giving favorable results or on the contrary, is not the way to go.
It is important to have the figures on the table and to be able to see at all times if the numbers and customer response is positive.

The last of the failures in email marketing that we want to point out is to avoid in the content of emails to include images and buy/download links.
Careful images will make emails more attractive, as well as providing the reader/user with a direct link with which to intuitively direct the possible culmination of the purpose of this marketing strategy. Get a good marketing strategy should not forget a practice of “email marketing”.
It has been pointed out that is one of the most influential sources with which to achieve a boom in sales and goals of a company. It is for this reason that avoiding the previous failures in email marketing will achieve better results in all areas of a company.

IMAGE CREDIT: by Brice Séraphin


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