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Artificial Intelligence (AI) has made its way into our lives. Today, a lot of people use virtual assistants and chatbots to simplify daily processes. Both of these solutions often involve the use of AI technology . Computers have become so powerful that they give entrepreneurs the tools to manage a significant amount of data to automate their businesses.
With new opportunities come new tips on how to use these tools to optimize your e-commerce business. One of the main advantages of these AI tools is that they are customizable, which enables you to personalize them to meet your customers’ needs. But what AI tools work for your e-commerce? And how should you use them?
We have gathered advice and recommendations on these solutions to help you add value to your business and increase your competitiveness. These expert insights have been shared by Branden Moskwa, CEO & Founder of Nadimo.

Getting Started with AI Technology

AI allows you to do multiple things to improve your digital business. An example of a tool that uses AI technology to personalize shopping experiences, is the one that analyzes the behavior of your customer on your fashion retail website. It automatically proposes clothing pieces that match your preferences. But this is nothing new right? – The tool has taken it a step further and asks for your measurements and will automatically proposes clothes that suit your figure. – We will no longer be faced with that moment when we see a piece of clothing we love but when trying it on, it just doesn’t fit our style and figure.
Moreover,  AI technology is now able to perform sentiment analysis and speech recognition. These protocols could help you create a successful app. One of the most popular AI tools in e-commerce, right now, is the chatbot solution. If your customers are asking questions on your website, it indicates that they have a specific problem they would like to get rid of. It is your job to determine these problems and make sure a service or a chatbot is answering to these issues.
Besides personalization, they also manage to save you time and a lot of stress. – Imagine you had to answer 59 questions every day from your customers, you would have to be available all the time and check your website. With the use of chatbots, you can be entirely committed to the development of your e-commerce business instead of juggling multiple chats answering your clients. A chatbot can quickly give consumers an exact answer.
In a nutshell, AI technology helps you improve your business ergonomics. It is an affordable solution, resolving time-consuming issues.

Why use AI technology ?

  • It increases consumer loyalty: a consumer doesn’t like being put in a queue when he wants to ask a question. Chatbots help your clients get a quick and precise answer. Hence, leading to an increase in loyalty.
  • They are always available: chatbots are available 24/7, enabling your visitors to ask questions when you or your employees are not available.
  • It boosts your conversion rate: chatbots are customisable, allowing them to adapt to the client. This method influences your conversion rate.

This is just the beginning of AI technology. You can catch on to the hype before it’s too late. Opting for one of these solutions should help you to be seen as an up-to-date company that offers personalised services.

How can you use AI technology?

First of all, you have to chose for a chatbot that is as close to human behaviour as possible. AI technology is getting closer every day to pass Turing test. Efficient chatbots give your customer base the opportunity to have a constructive dialogue and interact with a virtual entity.
Another way to use AI technology is to embed a FAQ into your chatbot. This allows you to answer questions that your visitors keep asking repeatedly.
Like everything related to business, you need to have multiple sources and vendors. Furthermore, you need to be flexible about your platform and adapt to it and your clients’ needs.

Where to find AI technology?

Multiple AI suppliers can be found in the market. Relying on the most developed tools is advised (IMB, Facebook, Amazon, Google, etc.). Facebook has been leading this market for quite some time. Microsoft is also a pioneer regarding AI technology development.
Nevertheless, numerous solutions have already been established and even more are on the rise. 


Chatbots have been growing in popularity over the past few years. More people are starting to use them for personal and professional purposes every day. This trend is explainable by the utility of the tools and the customisation possibilities.
Do you want to learn more about the possibilities that chatbots offer you? Check out this webinar, in which Branden approaches different sides of AI and chatbots. He gives expert insights on what tools can do for your e-commerce business.


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