What is Remarketing: Discover how it works and the 10 best platforms


Today, businesses can’t afford to use all the online marketing options available and prefer to stick to the methods that actually generate sales for them and improve their conversion rate.
And one of the almost infallible methods is remarketing.

What is remarketing?

A very popular marketing strategy right now is remarketing, which consists of trying to capture a potential customer for a second, third or fourth time.
It works by means of cookies that are installed in the browser of the visitor of a website, pursue him and find the specific products he was looking for. Once you have that information, you can make very segmented ads, which show the items or services that the user wants in particular.
Let’s take an example: You are looking for shoes to go running, you enter the Adidas website and there is a pair of shoes in which you click to see more information and images. You may even add them to your online cart but don’t make a purchase, either because you don’t have your credit card handy or because you’re not sure if you want them or not.
An hour later, you go to another website to read the news and you get an ad showing you those same running shoes you’ve been looking at on the Adidas website. Coincidence? No, that’s the power of cookies and remarketing. As a company, having this information will help you get more sales because you remind potential customers of that product they were interested in.
In short, in this example, we have summarized what remarketing is. It’s also sometimes called retargeting, so you can find it both ways when you’re looking for information about it.
Once we’ve explained what remarketing is, we’re going to analyze 10 platforms that you can use to use this type of strategy.

How to do remarketing

Remarketing in Google AdWords

We don’t have to tell you how powerful Google is. If we are also talking about remarketing, we can tell you that the Google option is quite powerful. The company behind the largest search engine describes its remarketing service as a way to show ads to people who have visited your website or have used your mobile application.
Remarketing helps you reconnect with them once they have left your site, showing them ads that are relevant to them.

what is remarketing google ads
Source: Google

When you use Google AdWords, you create lists of the users you want to target. For example, people who have added their product to the cart but haven’t finished the checkout process.
One of the great advantages of using Google AdWords is that it has a very good success rate in terms of ROI, which basically means you get a good return on investment.
In addition, it is very easy to create the ads, since Google has a very complete platform and simple to use.
There are different types of remarketing offered by Google Ads:

  • Standard Remarketing: Shows ads to users who have been on your site, while browsing other sites.
  • Dynamic Remarketing: Makes content even more relevant by displaying ads that include the specific products or services that visitors see on your site.
  • Remarketing lists for search ads: When Google users search for your product or service, your ad will be displayed.
  • Video remarketing: Show ads to people who have seen your YouTube videos or other videos.
  • Customer list remarketing: Allows you to upload contact lists, so you can post ads when these people use Google services.

Facebook Remarketing (Personalized Audiences)

Remarketing on social networks is also super powerful, and Facebook is at the forefront. The wide reach of the platform is one of the great advantages of choosing Facebook for your retargeting needs, as it has more than 1 billion active users.
Facebook Customer Audiences is the extension of the popular Facebook ads, and it works by creating a Facebook pixel (a code) that is added to your website and allows you to create your own personalized audience. It also allows you to create lists for specific groups of audiences based on the pages they visit on your site or the subscribers to your newsletter.

what is remarketing facebook social media
Source: Facebook

Remarketing on Instagram

With Instagram being owned by Facebook, as expected, they also have a quite useful retargeting service. Instagram has more than 300 million users and is used by the majority of relevant people worldwide, who share photos and stories with their followers.
The popularity of Instagram is increasing and it is a good platform for remarketing. It works the same way as Facebook. In fact, you will have to configure your campaigns from Facebook.
what is remarketing social media instagram 169x300

Twitter (Tailored Audiences)

With Twitter’s remarketing solution, you install a Twitter pixel on your website to collect cookie IDs from visitors and then compare them to Twitter users. Personalized audiences can be used in three different ways:

  • Lists: You use email addresses or Twitter usernames to target specific users.
  • Web: It focuses on the people who have visited your site and is enabled through the use of a Twitter tracking tag.
  • Mobile applications: Use data collected from user activity in a mobile application.

what is remarketing social media twitter

Remarketing at ReTargeter

ReTargeter offers a range of solutions including Facebook, Web, CRM, Audience, Dynamic Retargeting and search options. According to the company’s website, they offer the best available technology to help brands reach 98% of users who did not become customers.
It works by placing a pixel on your website to identify users and then targeting them with your company’s ads as they surf the Internet. ReTargeter focuses on the largest sites that attract more than 30,000 unique visitors each month. They are focused on companies with high marketing budgets, so if you’re a small business just starting out with remarketing, this is not your option yet.
Ads can be created based on specific details such as geography, demographics and even customer revenues.

Remarketing at AdRoll

AdRoll is proud to be able to offer a very wide range of options, including connection with some of the best e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, or marketing tools such as MailChimp or Marketo. It allows you to bring customers from abandoned shopping carts, recommend products and use ads to remind users of your website.
what is remarketing adroll 2
AdRoll’s powerful technology is impressive. It integrates with Google, Facebook, thousands of marketplaces, as well as email platforms to drive more conversions on your website.
The simple operation of its control panel is a great advantage when using AdRoll, as it allows you to easily monitor the status of your campaigns.
what is remarketing adroll 1

Remarketing at Perfect Audience

Perfect Audience’s retargeting solution offers mobile retargeting, dynamic retargeting, web retargeting and Facebook retargeting. By installing its tracking code on your website, you can start taking full advantage of this tool’s functionality. You can collect data such as visitors to your website, people who clicked on an event or people who opened your emails. It works on several major social networks and search engines, including Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Google and Bing.
Perfect Audience gives you the opportunity to advertise to your website users once they leave, through more than 13 billion daily retargeting ad impressions.
Currently, they offer a free 14-day trial, with which you can see for yourself how it works and if it’s the right retargeting solution for your needs.

Remarketing in Sitescout (Basis DP)

Like other retargeting solutions, Sitescout works by adding a pixel to the landing pages of your website to create an audience list. Sitescout works best with businesses that can generate large audience lists, and recommends a minimum of 1,000 visitors to work with.
Mobile retargeting is one of the most popular types of retargeting services offered by Sitescout and works through an audience list built using device IDs.

Remarketing in GEVME Email

If you want to target a specific audience to promote an event, you can use this solution to identify people who attended similar events in the past. You can also reach people who have put tickets in their shopping cart but have not made the purchase.
what is remarketing email gevme
The solution identifies the best time to send your email marketing campaign in a way that ensures the best results, combining it with a message aimed at the target audience. You can prepare eye-catching emails, using very professional templates in which it is very easy to add your own data.
what is remarketing email gevme templates

Remarketing in Criteo

Criteo is a retargeting solution that is the favourite of big companies like BMW and Sony. Its web retargeting services offer 16,000 publications and a high-quality inventory. The networks include Facebook, Instagram and Google advertising, as well as a large volume of individual publications.
Their support channels are one of the key aspects when choosing Criteo, as they are recognized for their support service through an easy-to-use online knowledge base. They also offer the option of contacting via email tickets.

How to choose your remarketing platform

Like many digital marketing channels, remarketing should be selected based on the specific requirements of your business. There is no best remarketing solution, as some are designed for small businesses with limited traffic and others are oriented towards multinationals.
What is really important is that you decide your budget and look for solutions that fit it. It is possible that your budget will increase over time and you will end up moving to a higher volume platform. But it’s better to start slowly and evolve.
Your target audience must always be at the centre of this decision. If you sell products suitable for Instagram users, you should choose a remarketing platform that supports this social network.
Before making a decision, do a lot of research and, if the solution offers a free trial or some free services, use them to find out if it is a good option and if the quality-price is adequate.
That said, the ROI of retargeting can take months if you want to measure the success rate well. Therefore, it is not recommended to jump from one solution to another quickly just because you don’t see the results you wanted to see in the short term. Give it some time before you decide to try another remarketing option.