The White Label World Expo Gets Ready to Take on Frankfurt 

We are still blown away by the huge success our UK edition of the White Label World Expo but now it’s time to get ready for the EU edition. On the 13 & 14 October 2020 thousands of visitors, hundreds of exhibitors, and various industry experts from all across the globe will flock to the Messe Frankfurt and come together all under one roof. Masterclasses, seminars, and keynote speeches will offer industry insights that you won’t find anywhere else. 

Prepare to be inspired by our our phenomenal line up of  keynotes. Successful and experienced industry staples will share their wisdom with eager entrepreneurs to demonstrate what it takes to build up a successful online business from scratch. Anyone looking for inspiration – whether that is for a white label Amazon business or establishing a private label brand – will get the best advice right here. Experts like Bernhard Rauscher, Butrus Said, and Hendrik Lennarz will cover everything there is to know about brand building in eCommerce, selling millions of products on Amazon, Growth Hacking and much more! 

Alongside the keynote theatres, six seminar theatres will play host to an array of varied and interesting topics relating to the eCommerce world and masterclasses will give you further insights into the private and white label industry. From pro tips on key topics such as achieving great rankings and listing optimisation to learning more about the difficulties you need to be aware of as an online seller, you will find an abundance of relevant advice right at your fingertips. 

The White Label World Expo is also the ideal destination for anyone looking to meet and network with like-minded professionals and exchange knowledge and advice. Here you will be able to create long lasting working relationships that will ensure you know the right people to take your business to the next level; it’s not what you know, it’s who you know. Furthermore, if you are looking for or offering a certain service or product you can leave your information in the business connections area. This is an easy way to find the right connections to ensure your business will still benefit from the White Label World Expo long after the event is over. 

Last but not least, you will also get the chance to come face-to-face with hundreds of leading white and private label manufacturers and service providers who will all be on hand to answer any questions you might have about their offerings. No one will be able to give better advice on these  than their manufacturers or providers themselves. Even better, you will also be able to grab a special deal right there and then and ensure that your business has all the necessary tools needed to become a top player in your industry. 

This is THE event for anyone looking to take their business to new heights. So, what are you waiting for? Head over to our website and grab your FREE ticket now to be part of this exceptional opportunity –

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Event description

The White Label World Expo will arrive at Frankfurt’s Messe on the 13 & 14 October 2021 to provide the ultimate marketplace for online sellers from across the globe to kick-start and secure thousands of profitable business opportunities.

All under one roof, industry experts from across the globe will take you into the future of the White Label market with over 350 seminars and masterclasses providing you with unmissable insights into key topics such as online strategy, packaging and delivery, selling on Amazon, and many more.

Our line-up of outstanding keynote speakers includes…


Hendrik Lennarz – Growth Hacking Coach at Lennarz Consulting. With 10 years of experience working on building the tech and product stack at Trusted Shops he now helps start-ups and corporate teams implement a Growth Hacking process in their own environment. 

White Label World Expo 2020 - Hendrik Lennarz-min

Hendrik Lennarz is the founder of the Growth Hacking Learning Platform and author of the 1st official German Growth Hacking book-publication “Growth Hacking with Strategy: How Successful Start-ups and Companies Leverage Growth”. His Growth Hacking process V3.0 framework is used by over 300 international start-ups as a step-by-step guide for sustainable growth. With all this experience he has put together his seminar on ‘#ExecuteorDie: What the F**k is Growth Hacking?’.

“Growth Hacking is more than just a buzzword. It´s more about the mindset of teams, how fast they´re able to execute new ideas.”

Bernhard Rauscher – Brandonaut. In 1997 Bernhard Rauscher founded a branding agency which he managed for 17 years alongside of other shareholders. During his time as Managing Director he positioned numerous well-known companies such as BMW, Vodafone, Tchibo and Infineon in various markets.

White Label World Expo 2020 - Bernhard Rauscher

In 2014, the agency, which had grown to 60 employees, was sold and Bernhard devoted himself completely to his own projects. He currently manages four of his own brands, including Amazon, and acts as a speaker for brand building in e-commerce. His seminar on ‘Brandbuilding: Undreamt-of potential with own brands in eCommerce’ is definitely not one to be missed. 

“How can you stand up to the big established brands (e.g. on Amazon)? I will show you ways why your own brand is superior to merchandise, and why large profits can be generated here without going into price wars.”

Ronny Marx – founder of the Amazon agency intomarkets and organiser as well as moderator of the marketplace conference Merchantday. His experience comes from working in the e-commerce field for over 12 years in several positions such as Art Director, Senior Marketing Consultant, and Team leader as well as being a Start-up Founder.

White Label World Expo 2020 - Ronny Marx-min

Ronny was one of the first ‘pioneers’ to influence the professional Amazon and White Label business in Germany. He is also the author of one of the first German books about Amazon Marketing “Amazon SEO Code” and published the first German speaking video learning course on the same topic in 2015. His Hamburg based agency primarily supports and advises large sellers and vendors in Germany and Europe on how they can sustainably increase sales.

“In this session a practical example will be used to show how the Pareto principle can be used to optimise every Amazon product very effectively within 60 minutes and less, concentrating only on the most relevant keywords. »

Wijnand Jongen

Wijnand Jongen – CEO & President of & E-commerce Europe

Winjand has been the voice of digital commerce for over 20 years as well as bestselling author with his book ‘The End of Online Shopping: the future of retail in an always connected world’.  

The End of Online Shopping 

What is the future of shopping in a world that is connected, always and everywhere? It is a fact: new generations of shoppers require new ways of shopping. They are at the foundation of a huge retail transformation, which is only just getting started. In this highly praised and inspiring keynote, Wijnand will use over 50 videos to demonstrate how online and offline retail are becoming one.”

Anna Nordlander

Anna Nordlander – Amazon Expert – Acnor AB

At the age of 26, Anna was offered the opportunity to take on the role as CEO for The Friendly Swede, a brand that produces bags & accessories and was built solely on Amazon. Anna’s team entered five new countries and increased the company’s turnover more than 130%. 

Expanding Internationally with Amazon – Highlights and Pitfalls

Expanding internationally with Amazon. Why should you do it? What are the most common issues along the way? And why is finding your local star so important? »

Your free ticket for the White Label World Expo will give you unprecedented access to an unparalleled line-up of cutting-edge exhibitors, educational speakers, and sensational masterclasses. This is going to be a show like no other. 

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Exhibitor Sneak Peek 

On the 6th & 7th May 2020 the White Label World Expo will take Frankfurt Messe by storm, transforming the venue into the ultimate destination for all things private and white label. Thousands of professional sellers, manufacturers, service providers, as well as curious entrepreneurs will gather all under one roof to offer, discover, and discuss all of the latest developments this industry has to offer. 

Apart from being an excellent opportunity to network with thousands of other white/private label professionals and make connections that will ensure future success, this event also presents the ideal platform for sourcing new products to take any business to new heights of success.

Whether you’re searching for your next groundbreaking product, a service to complement your business’s offerings, or are looking for an opportunity to step into the private/white label industry, this is the place to make it happen. 

Various manufacturers will be at your fingertips to answer all questions about their products and services, giving you the opportunity to test, try, and touch all they have to offer before deciding which product(s) will be the best fit for your business. While numerous manufacturers from the most popular sectors will be attending, niches will also be well represented. 

With skin care being one of the fastest growing sectors in the private/white label field, plenty of manufacturers from various parts of this industry will be attending the White Label World Expo. Products from the likes of luxury skin care manufacturer Cana Gold Beauty and Pura Vida Organic, who create all natural cosmetics, will definitely give your brand a business boosting makeover.

Another rapidly expanding sector within the private/white label industry is everything to do with CBD, whether that’s simply pure oil, skin care, e-cig liquids, infused drinks, or anything else. Various CBD manufacturers will be showcasing their products at this event, as well as advising potential buyers on the rules and guidelines that exist within this highly regulated field. You’ll be able to meet expert manufacturers like Cibdol and Mile High Labs face-to-face and get all the advice you could ever need right there and then.  

Any packaged foods, drinks, and supplements are being increasingly private/white labelled, therefore exhibitors from these categories will be present at this event. Skinni Snax, for example, will be showcasing their healthy and natural vegetarian snacks range, Pure Organic Drinks will show visitors how their all organic assortment of drinks is embracing recent trends, while Premium Leisure Distribution will be showing off their broad range of health supplements. 

However, no matter how great your products are, you will struggle to grow your company without the help from services like website development, fulfilment, and software and payment solutions. This is why we will have experts like Courioo, Payoneer, and many more on hand to help you with anything that isn’t product sourcing. 

You’ll be able to check out the constantly growing list of exhibitors on our website. If this event sounds like something you’d like to attend, then be sure to secure your FREE ticket here