Why you should do YouTube marketing for your ecommerce

According to HubSpot data, more and more online companies decide to bet on YouTube. Almost half of them (48% of the respondents) have seriously considered the integration of this platform into their marketing strategy.
But why do YouTube marketing for e-commerce, is it really worth having a presence on this platform?
The use of YouTube for e-commerce allows to humanize the brand, improve organic positioning in search engines and give great exposure to products, among other benefits.

6 reasons to understand the importance of YouTube marketing for e-commerce

1.9 billion active users per month

Did you know that the number of active YouTube users per day is over 30 million? This means that every month, 1.9 billion active users view videos on this platform.
This spectacular audience is one reason, in itself, to embrace YouTube marketing for e-commerce!
Today, YouTube boasts to be the second most used search engine in the world. If brands do not hesitate to invest in Google Ads to be present in the most used search engine, why should they underestimate YouTube?
And is that the scope of this platform is incredible. Today, users between the ages of 18 and 49 are more inclined to consume YouTube videos than to watch TV or listen to the radio.
Consequently, investing in YouTube advertising for e-commerce is not an option: it is an obligation for online companies.

Humanize your e-commerce image

Another powerful reason to market on YouTube for e-commerce is its ability to connect with consumers in a more direct, more natural way.
Tupperware, Zalando, Best Buy, Zappos and other well-known online companies have YouTube profiles. Why? Because it allows them to offer content with a personal touch, reveal the stories behind their success, better explain how their products work and ultimately offer value to their customers.
In addition, storytelling and similar marketing strategies are in vogue – YouTube is the perfect platform to put them into practice!

They offer great value for money for companies

Unlike what happens on other platforms, YouTube does not apply any commission or fee to companies and trademarks that register on its platform – except when they hire paid ads, of course.
E-commerce stores, on the other hand, enjoy great freedom, not to mention access to useful tools such as YouTube Studio.
Like Facebook, YouTube has organic traffic and paid traffic, and therefore, the most creative brands can viralize their campaigns to get a better ROI.
Paid advertising on YouTube is profitable for businesses. But what is really important is to develop the content of value, quality, and interest to your audience.

Provide qualified visitor traffic

The dependence of some e-commerce on organic traffic from search engines, social networks or PPC ads becomes harmful.
A simple way to diversify visitor traffic? YouTube marketing for e-commerce.
In the description of the video or even inside it, advertisers are free to enter links pointing to their respective product pages, categories or landing pages.

They allow obtaining constant feedback

Comments, ‘I like’ (and ‘I don’t like’) are a very useful tool for marketing teams. This is the way YouTube users interact with the contents of this platform.
And e-commerce stores will be right to take this valuable feedback seriously. It is surprising that certain companies invest real fortunes in studies and surveys, but ignore the opinion of their YouTube subscribers.
In addition, listening to users is an excellent way to keep in touch with potential customers: their ratings, their perceptions, their feelings, and so on.
This can be useful to detect and stop possible brand crises (a product with a bad commercial performance) or identify new consumer trends. Take advantage of them!

Video content, a plus for SEO positioning

But this is the great advantage of doing YouTube marketing for e-commerce – this platform is owned by Alphabet, Google’s parent company!
You don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to understand that Google gives priority to YouTube content over Vimeo, Veoh, and other competitors.
In recent years, SEO specialists have also begun to suspect that videos are an important positioning factor.
Several studies also suggest that the inclusion of a single video on a page adds to its organic positioning.
For the algorithms of Google and other search engines, video content also harmonizes with the need to improve the user experience. Let’s take a look at some facts and figures:

  • Video ads have the highest CTR of all existing ad formats.
  • In the specific case of consumer products, it has been shown that users prefer to learn about them through video rather than text.

Consequently, having YouTube content with SEO-optimized descriptions and titles will be essential for businesses in the years to come. It will improve their positioning in search engines such as Bing, Yahoo and especially Google.
Of course, YouTube and e-commerce stores have become great allies to satisfy the online consumer.
And by 2020 they will be even more so: video will be responsible for 79% of international internet traffic, according to Cisco data.
What are you waiting for to start exploiting YouTube marketing for e-commerce!

Image credit: Ksu Angeltseva


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