WooCommerce, the customizable e-commerce platform


WooCommerce was launched in 2008, with three WordPress fans who started off by selling a few commercial WordPress themes. Today, the platform powers 30% of all online stores with over 1 million downloads.

General Information:

Owing its popularity to its installation simplicity and customization, it allows you to integrate the plug in directly to your WordPress site and sell easily. WooCommerce lets you to control each aspect of your online store, from shipping policies to payment options, their platform is highly personalized and adapted to online stores of varying sizes.
WooCommerce is completely free: as in there are no monthly fees and installing it on WordPress is a snap. The amount of customization (at the free level) that is afforded to you is impressive, and it comes pre-built with all the necessary features to sell online. From that point, you can add on additional themes and features from their site.

What’s interesting about WooCommerce is that because it’s open source, there are tons of third-party extensions to choose from. This means that not only is there a plethora of potential free and paid extensions to optimize the plugin, it’s also highly documented in WordPress forums and in the community. You will never worry about not finding the answer to a problem on the web.

WooCommerce Pricing:

While the plugin is completely free, and it integrates seamlessly with WordPress, there are themes specifically created by Woothemes to build an e-commerce site. That being said, they range between $79 and $139, depending on how many features you want. While many extensions are free to use and install, there are many that are also paid and vary in price. WooCommerce also integrates perfectly with PayPal, so you don’t incur additional fees for payments.
WooCommerce is a great, inexpensive option for those who already have a WordPress or who want to focus on building a blog to optimize for SEO. 


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