10 Key Points to Strengthen Your Startup Business with Social Media

10 Key Points to Strengthen Your Startup Business with Social Media

Social media is getting immensely popular in this web-centric environment where we are living and now expanding far big from a basic communication channel to a widely spread marketing channel. Its importance has reached to every corner of the globe, and especially when you are dealing with a startup, your effective social media efforts can add a great value to your business.
It is an obvious aspect for any business personnel to lead their domain against the niche competitors by proliferating their brand. Social media channels work beautifully in this context to grow the audiences and to develop relationships with your existing and prospective customers.

Few Tips That Can Pump Out Your Business Through Social Media

It is essential for any newcomer business to be flawless in picking the right strategies to take out the best results for your business.
Just follow the below tips to use social media icons in the most stellar form-

1. Opt The Right Channel For Your Business

The primary aspect of every business is to pick the right set of channels to deliver the desired results in the prettiest manner.
Social media is a great asset to work and it is necessary in this scenario to pick up best 2 or 3 platforms that are majorly popular with your target audience. This can work drastically well in improving your store’s performance.

2. Be Regular in Sharing

After you choose your platform, you must schedule your posts so that the followers should not drop you and move on. Like for say, if you pick Instagram, it is a good practice to add images containing awesome quotes that suit your personality.
Make it a habit to post on regular basis as it makes the visitors heavily engaged towards your page.

3. Be in the Conversation

A smart way is to start by asking some questions or to say your readers to do something. The conversation will swiftly run when you will get the relevant answers and comments.
Respond quickly and never leave a comment void of a response, no matter what type of comment it is, (positive, negative or neutral). It is a good source to make relationships.

4. Follow 80/20 rule

Readers should not feel like you are just selling yourself. You should start building trust and making lifelong relationships to make your brand known worldwide.
It is a general fact that about 80% of the content on your website must not be related to your product or service. Instead, it should contain the things that advertise your business widely.
The rest 20% of what you have posted must state the products and services you carry, that might be new product launches or any discounts and sales.

It is good to add social media icons on the footer, sidebar and header of your website. There is no exaggeration that the social media platforms are getting largely interlinked day by day which is increasing your possibilities to connect from one social account to another for some better results.
Like for say, Facebook allows you to add tabs on your page corresponding to the Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Similarly, with Pinterest, you link to Facebook and Twitter.
With startup, it is quite tough to cope with the limited resources. In this context, social media tools act beneficial in promoting your brand widely. It is necessary to follow regular checks to create a strong online presence over the web.

6. Headlines Must be Captivating

Headlines are tough to make but create a big impact on the worldwide audiences. There are several tools available that can generate pretty headlines.
You can choose the most preferred option and upgrade it as well to add required functionalities.

7. Ensure Good Engagement With the Audiences

You can do plenty of things to intrigue your audiences in this business-centric world. An important aspect here is to be a big part of polls, surveys and quizzes so that you can share them among the worldwide friends.
This encourages the crowd to invite the followers to submit the strangest bar stories and pictures they have ever visited.
Visuals are among the most engaging elements and this is the reason they are shared at a large level.

8. Keep an Eagle Eye on Social Media Changes

The social media platforms are looking for the ongoing modifications to hold their clientele within their grip. Walking on the track of advancement, every social media channel is doing something different to attract large population-

  • Twitter gives media and more characters whereas Facebook has the provision of groups.
  • Carousel in Instagram allows posting of multiple images at a time.
  • A heavy number of content marketing websites keep you updated about ongoing changes.

9. Use Email Signatures For Better Communication

Communication is important for every business but adds more value for the startups. This is because everyone knows about your business via the email signature where you have added the links to your top social accounts.
One can use standard text links or small square social network icons to add the relevant links and can also create professional signatures with your social links via different tools.

10. Friend-finding Features can also do Wonders

Each social media network has its unique way so that you can connect easily with the people you know. Like for say, Twitter gives the option to search email contacts while LinkedIn suggests former and current co-workers depending upon the profile details you have mentioned.
You can also search your email contacts with this social media meant for professional people.
Similarly, Facebook uses an advanced people search along with an option to search email contacts. Instagram, one more strong social media channel looks for your Facebook friends in its own app.

Summarized Gist

Above are the top quick wins that can help in growing the social media audience of your startup business. You can start by implementing those that can exactly match all your needs. This will certainly fixes all the loopholes, but steadily. You cannot expect your social media efforts to deliver the results overnight. So, be patient and you will get tremendous results gradually.
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Image credit : Soul Won Cheung