Top 10 WordPress Mega Menu Plugins That You Must Know

Top 10 Wordpress Mega Menu Plugins That You Must Know

Undeniably, navigation is one of the most vital components for a website. It helps users get insights for each of your service page. If your website has an unsystematic menu, it would drive your visitors away within seconds which clearly depicts that your users would only attract to a simple and understandable menu bar.
Although, there are various methods of creating menus for a website. But, if you ask for the recommendations, then WordPress tops the list. You can get this done by taking assistance of a reliable WordPress plugin development company. WordPress has served various valuable purposes in the field of development. It has extended to provide out of the box WordPress development to embellish a business website. WordPress comes with a specific section and settings to create menu, but apart from settings, it also has WordPress menu plugins that are powerful and ensure to enhance the menu to a great extent.
Here, in this blog, we will discuss a variety of WordPress mega menu plugins that are not only easy to use but also render a quality menu design that users like and admire.

1. WP Mega Menu

Top 10 WordPress Mega Menu Plugins That You Must Know

WordPress Mega Menu is the highly recommended WordPress plugin which lets users create beautifully customized menus for their WordPress websites. It provides numerous options to embellish the menu area of your website and ensure to display categories, subcategories and posts with a clear drop down. The best part of this plugin is it engages users and increases the chances to get better click-through rates.

2. LMM (Liquida Main Menu)

Top 10 WordPress Mega Menu Plugins That You Must Know

This is a modern mega menu plugin which is widely preferred by both experienced developers and newbies to build captivating website navigation. Liquida Main Menu is exceptional and provides options for theme developers as well as they can get the liberty to integrate these plugins with their new theme designs. With this plugin, you will get the modern menu designs with the horizontal and vertical placement options.

3. Mega Main Menu

Top 10 WordPress Mega Menu Plugins That You Must Know

We have another one of the most powerful WordPress plugins with us which is quite popular and adds elegance in a website design. This plugin is simple yet professional and provides users with 10+ options to design drop-down menus. An added advantage of this plugin is that developers can experiment with drop-down menus by integrating links, widgets, images and many more.

4. Uber Menu

Top 10 WordPress Mega Menu Plugins That You Must Know

When it comes to giving a new look to the menu bars, Uber menu is the first choice to go with. It is a quality WordPress mega menu plugin having numerous options and features to design website navigation. Utilizing Uber menu plugin will give you a variety of possibilities which help you select font colors, background, font size, etc. to beautify menu area.

5. WP Mega Menu Pro

It is hard to decide between horizontal and vertical menu development. But with WP Mega Menu Pro, it is easier to work on both vertical and horizontal menu bars. This is the special plugin which lets you create menus both ways. Apart from this, it has 14 different templates that help you build smooth navigation. By using it, you can also have a drop-down visual bar in your menu.

6. Max Mega Menu

Top 10 WordPress Mega Menu Plugins That You Must Know

This is a free WordPress Mega Menu Plugin which is known to develop responsive website menus. If someone wants to have screen fit menus in the website, then Max Mega menu is the best option to explore. It performs with a built-in theme editor which ensures highly customizable transitions thereby preventing you from going deep in CSS code to create menus.

7. Hero Menu

Top 10 WordPress Mega Menu Plugins That You Must Know

Hero Menu is another best-listed menu plugin developers can use to create graceful menu sections. Proceeding with this plugin will facilitate you with some menu styles like displaying posts with thumbnails or showing items with attractive icons. In short, it is an easy to use plugin which permits you to add pages, posts, custom links and categories to your menu.

8. Side Menu

Distraction free and simple menu is the demand of all website owners. To reduce their stress, WordPress offers them a new and exclusive Side menu plugin. This plugin provides flawless menu section which navigates without any interference. Building interruption free menu will let your users access content without displaying any external elements. The plugin is advanced and gives you the facility to hide the menu bar when they don’t need it.

9. Superfly Mega Menu

Top 10 WordPress Mega Menu Plugins That You Must Know

If you want to enhance your website’s looks by integrating vertical menus over horizontal, try Superfly mega menu plugin. It is a powerful plugin which lets you use the complete dimensions of the screen. This makes it happen by hiding the menu items behind a toggle button placed in the corner of the screen. With this, website owners can utilize the entire area and use the menu bar as and when needed.

10. Morph Menu

This plugin falls under the category of highly customizable WP mega menu plugins that make your website extremely modern and elegant in looks. Menu created with this plugin performs well on any device such as desktops, laptops and mobile devices. This is an added advantage as you can also restrict it to a single device if needed. Morph is user-friendly and can be easily customized as per your website requirements.

Sum Up

When users come to your site, what they first analyze is the look & feel of the layout which is incomplete without a captivating menu section. Make sure that you have used the best menu plugin to develop your menu bar. Utilizing these plugins somewhere help you gain maximized user engagement and satisfaction. If you have any doubt regarding these, you can get in touch with a reliable WordPress plugin development company to clear your confusion. 

Image credit : Aurora Pleguezuelo