The Crucial Role of E-commerce Mobile Apps for Sales Enhancement

The exceptional transformation of traditional mobile phones to smartphones introduced new market competitors in the form of mobile apps. There is at least one mobile app for almost every requirement of the individual and business to simplify their needs. It was found that more than 1000 apps are daily submitted to the Apple App Store alone.
E-commerce app development is another addition to the mobile app world, as e-commerce market not left behind to take advantage of mobile apps. The business owners and merchants of the online store are always seeking distinct ways to increase their customer base as well as sales.
No doubt, usual dynamic and responsive e-commerce websites can help merchants to give a better experience. But instead of relying on the websites, users majorly prefer using mobile application for the same purpose as of websites.
As compared to e-commerce websites the E-commerce mobile app has the power to utilize and integrate the smartphone features like Camera, WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS location for convenient and improved operations.
A big amount of people is used to the use of mobile apps and it has become their first choice to use mobile apps rather than websites. This expresses the rising demand of e-commerce mobile app development to sustain and improve the e-commerce business.

How mobile apps help to boost sales

The e-commerce merchant can use the following tips for most benefits offered by e-commerce mobile applications to gear up their business and boost revenues and sales.

24/7 Connected

An accumulating large customer base requires staying connected with your customers anytime. The e-commerce mobile application does the same thing for you with better user experience, as most of the users spend more time on mobile devices and applications rather than on websites.

Social Media Sharing

Integrating social media platforms in your e-commerce app will help you to leverage your customers’ social network profiles to gain a new audience. The recommendation chain can have a big hand in increasing your customer base and improving business functionality as users are able to share their feedback and like products.

GPS coupons

The GPS coupon reward brings a fun aspect and attracts users for increased purchasing and app usage. With the GPS coupons, you can invite the users to check in at their location and unlock coupons for special surprises.

Push Notifications

Giving everyday product and offer updates to your customers is the best ever way of gaining higher sales. You can create your e-commerce mobile app integrated with push notification features such as flash sales and deals, new arrivals, product updates, and stock availability.

Must-have features that can transform your eCommerce app

The e-commerce vendors can find some interesting and useful features in e-commerce apps to deliver a great experience to their customers.

Multiple Payment Options Supported

Customers are often unable to purchase the desired product or service due to the lack of payment options on the mobile app. This can cause a reduction in sales and loyal customers. Hence, offering plenty of possibilities of payment methods like Net banking, Credit card payment and Cash on delivery can increase your sales.

Eye-Catching Themes

Attractive graphics and design can easily fetch user attention and will make customers remember the beautiful and interactive designs for a longer amount of time. Making sure your e-commerce app is full of interactive functions such as to have a wide audience and improved sale. This is one of the must-have features of e-commerce app.

Easy Access with Simple Registration

Big and famous online stores such as Flipkart and Amazon keep things simple and easy. Your app should be as user-friendly as possible, don’t put compulsions for login and register when the user just wants to search a product. The registration and login should be seamless for users.

Google Analytics Integration

Google Analytics can help store owners to understand the customers buying habits and interest in particular service and product. Ensure your e-commerce app is integrated with Google Analytics, to know a cost of conversion, click-through rates and session time according to these terms you can further define the improved business strategies.

Seamless Navigation

While crafting the e-commerce mobile app developers must consider the convenient navigation so that users can easily find their particular needed product from a range of categories. The layout should be seamless and well arranged. Effective and seamless navigation is another key feature of the best e-commerce mobile app.
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Image credit : Flair Digital