7 Apps to Save Time in Order Fulfilment and Shipping

7 Apps to Save Time in Order Fulfilment and Shipping

Order fulfilment is a cornerstone of any eCommerce platform and keeping abreast of technology changes is necessary to ensure your business can perform in its competitive niche. As computing power increases and new technology bounds forward, knowing what order fulfilment and shipping products to invest in becomes harder.
With eCommerce swiftly overtaking the more traditional high street stores, small brick and mortar outlets need to improve their delivery systems in order to minimize customer loss and stay afloat during this technological revolution. With close to 9,000 high street stores set to close before the end of 2017 in the US alone, order fulfilment and shopping apps are becoming increasingly important to stay afloat.

1. Fishbowl

Fishbowl describes itself as Quickbooks inventory management software. With a seamless integration with accounting software Quickbooks, Fishbowl is perfect for SMBs who want a low-cost inventory system solution. Fishbowl has two separate, fully-functioning management systems to choose from.
Fishbowl Manufacturing allows you to manage every part of your manufacturing and inventory management processes. This holistic software enables you to stay in control of warehouse stocks, stock logistics and everything in between.
Fishbowl Warehouse is a comprehensive warehouse management system that takes the hard work out of running your day-to-day.
With a guaranteed ROI and a fully integratable system, Fishbowl allows you to focus on the things that really matter and leave day to day inventory management to run itself.

2. BizAutomation

BizAutomation leads the cloud ERP market and specialises in helping small businesses effectively run their own show. Claiming to eliminate “duplicated chaos” BizAutomation takes existing management silos and melds them into one simple and powerful tool. As the software can be put into action for as little as $79.99, it is a great option for a small business looking to own its order fulfilment process from start to finish.
BizAutomation allows you to run all your programs from one convenient cloud, eliminating the need for different logins and time-wasting. With this software there is only once version of the truth, as this ERP ensures that there is never any duplicate data. As the software runs form the cloud, you only need a browser to access it.
The highlight of BizAutomation is that the user interface is extremely easy to use, finding the information you need cannot be easier.

3. BluJay Solutions

BluJay Solutions was built from the ground up, embracing change and new technologies is key to their mantra. The linear multi-silo solutions that used to be the mainstay of SMB management systems were always severely limited by the ability to gain meaningful information. BluJay argue that their unique system is the lean answer that facilitates businesses to gain the success they want.
Faraway from the siloed, isolated and stagnant systems of the past, BluJay have created a complete ecosystem where data, resources and records are available with complete ease. Their big selling point is the complete global trade network which allows them to harness the power of what they call the industry-leading transportation management for shippers, forwarders and LSPs.

4. Megaventory

Megaventory is a powerful tool that is startlingly simple to use, enabling any business user to gain access to the information they need when they need it. The spheres of time saving systems that Megaventory can control are inventory management, order fulfilment, reporting and manufacturing management. All of this is managed with in-depth control and customisation.
Megaventory is designed to be used by franchise networks, retailers, product manufactures and small businesses. With seamless Magento integration features, this could well be the right choice for your business.

5. Camelot 3PL Software

When it comes to order fulfilment, 3rd party logistics (3PL) software is an incredibly powerful asset to have on your side. Offering 3 management packages, Camelot make it easy for you to find the right software for your needs. Their Transport Management System (TMS) enables you to deliver goods using flexible logistics services and warehousing solutions.
Camelot’s Business Management System (BMS) offers a truly comprehensive tool that enables you to take control of your business from top to bottom. Warehouse Management System (WMS) is perfect for SMBs who want to take control of their storage functions, regardless of size.
Camelot 3PL is the pinnacle of 3PL and offers customers the use of a powerful system that makes it easier to ship and manage order fulfilment. Their software is versatile and can be integrated with your business no matter what your need is.

6. ShipHawk

For automated fulfilment solutions, it is hard to do better than ShipHawk. Marketing itself as the world’s first smart shipping software, ShipHawk is a powerful tool that optimizes supply chains and reduces costs all round.
The key feature of ShipHawk is its ability to automate sales, logistics and customer service systems. As this software is built for scale, it is designed to be the only system you need to empower your business on every layer.
ShipHawk was also marked as one of the fastest growing businesses in America by inc.com proving the impact they are having with their stellar services.

7. Infoplus

Infoplus is a true hub where your business silos of order management, inventory and shipping are found in one easy to understand and easy to use system. It is a wholly functional cloud platform that streamlines every facet of your business. Infoplus promise an easy installation into your business and they guarantee to be the best value inventory and warehouse management software on the market. Their streamlined and intuitive system allows you to focus on ROI and leaving complex shipment and order fulfilment to Infoplus.
With a good deal of high profile clients to boot, choosing Infolplus could be one of the smartest decisions you can make for the promising future of your business.
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