[#EVENT] Get UnGagged in Las Vegas

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It is almost time for the Las Vegas edition of UnGagged 2017 and it promises to be an unforgettable event. From 12 to 15 November you have the chance to discover everything there is to know about SEO and digital marketing. The three day conference also includes a one-day intensive masterclass which will enlighten you even more.
UnGagged is an unconventional event that is known for takes a different approach and delivering actionable strategies that cover all aspects of online marketing. But don’t expect any fluff or sales pitches, this event brings it to you straight and gives you information you can work with. Ultimately, the aim is to give companies that unexpected competitive edge.
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Here is why you should attend UnGagged:

No censorship

Speakers are not restricted in their choice of topic and are free to talk about whatever they find relevant to inform the audience on the latest tips and tricks. Where other events often restrict their speakers, UnGagged stimulated the speakers to speak without any restrictions. Hence, the carefully chosen name of the event. It leads to an atmosphere that encourages sharing and an open conversation.

No recording

This event is not meant to be recorded and all recording devices are forbidden during the sessions. Private information might be shared and their expert tips and tricks are only meant for the attendees. This takes out the constraints of the corporate agenda and once again allows speakers to speak without restrictions. UnGagged mentions that because of this, they are able to offer marketing experts that dive deeper into topics and share off-the-record information.

You will not get lost

The ratio of attendees and speakers at this event is much lower than at any other event in the industry. This leads to attendees having real and deep conversations with the experts in the field, without being interrupted on mobbed by the many attendees.

In-depth sessions

Have you always wanted to discuss strategies with peers and get honest and upfront advice on your ideas? Then this is the event for you. Get impactful and practical return on your strategies of the leaders in the markets that you will be able to integrate once you return from the event. These types of insights are rare and make this event an unique experience.
Here is what topics you can expect to hear about:

  • SEO & Technical SEO
  • Digital Marketing strategy
  • Content Marketing
  • Links
  • Social Media
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Reputation Management
  • And much more
No fuss of tickets

Events often offer you bronze, silver and golden tickets. The more you pay, the more you will be able to access. UnGagged offers one ticket which will give you access to the 3 day conferences, 3 different tracks and more than 20 sessions. Included are also the networking sessions, meals and an open bar. No need to pay for premium to speak to those marketing experts like you’ve always wanted.

Extra: Masterclasses

Are you in Las Vegas a day before the event kicks off? Don’t hesitate to sign up for the day of Masterclasses! You can expect expert guidance and hands-on learning and tailored guidance from digital marketing professionals. You can choose between half a day or a whole day masterclass, either way there will be enough time for networking.
Previous attendees have mentioned that UnGagged enables to get that raw feedback that you could never get before. You get insight knowledge that would otherwise not be discussed. The event has also been referred to as the haven of free speech. Check out more of what previous attendees liked so much about UnGagged the London edition:

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