2CheckOut, the worldwide mobile & online payment solution

What is 2checkout

2CheckOut is one of the leading global payment companies specialised in E-commerce. It has been created in 1999 and launched in 2000.
Today, the company’s features are available in more than 200 countries, handling 8 payment methods that can be done in 87 currencies.
The company’s speciality is online payments, made on a PC or on mobile devices. 2CheckOut supplies a solution designed for professionals. This solution’s fees rely on customers’ location and used currency.

2CheckOut’s Features

Thanks to 2CheckOut, companies are able to manage and customise their clients’ checkout experience. Web entrepreneurs can also integrate the company’s payment solution to their favourite CMS platform, choosing between 3 customisable checkout options. The implementation is promoted as easy and intuitive, thanks to API tools. E-commerce are also able to personalise their customers’ payment according to their region and location since 15 languages are supported by 2CheckOut’s website.
More than 300 fraud rules are applied by the company. Its priority is to secure clients’ payments and professionals’ money transfers. To do so, 2CheckOut offers a three-tier defence strategy which aims at identifying fraudulent actions in 3 seconds. The service tokenizes payments so its servers get no information regarding customers and businesses bank information.
The company displays B2B and B2C tools to manage entrepreneurs’ money flow. Automatic billing allows professionals to gain flexibility regarding payments’ intervals. 2CheckOut makes multiple plans available for e-commerce. Each professional can link his account to as many plans as he wants. That way, it is possible for them to adapt their clients’ needs.
2CheckOut allows its clients to perceive payments from debit and credit cards from global financial services. The company also allows PayPal as a means of payment.
A knowledge base and a sandbox are made available by the payment service to find answers and test integration tools before signing up.


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