49 Elements to Include for a Product Detail Page that Converts

product detail page

A well-designed and optimized product detail page is your sales pitch and will convince your prospective customers to purchase the product. All you need to do is create the right structure and make sure you add content carefully when you enter information about new products.
When creating a product detail page, there are certain elements that need to be included and will be the make-or-break factor in gaining your customer’s trust. These elements might seem like they’re obvious, but there are some you might not have thought of. Below is the infographic by 99MediaLab on 49 design elements your product detail page should have to increase traffic, conversion, and sales.

How to ensure customers remain on your page long enough ?

Your first step should be to ensure your customers remain on the page long enough to look at the content. The product page should load quickly and smoothly on all platforms.
The design and structure should be optimized for both desktop and mobile viewing. The page should also load well on all popular browsers like Chrome, Safari, Opera, Firefox, etc.

Which elements should appear in your product detail page ?

Once the prospects are on the page, they will look at the product information available. That should be presented in a structured form based on their requirements. The header should contain contact number information along with the company logo.
The area above the fold should showcase the product name, images, price, description, and other such important information. You also need to include an optimized CTA button.

Where should your contacts be placed?

ecommerce product page design

People will scroll down to the area below the fold if they want more details and wish to read user reviews. They will go directly to the bottom of the page if they want to access company information and contact links. This basic structure is comforting and enhances the user experience.
Your product detail page is the key to trigger the action. Customers won’t buy from you, except if you provide them every product details they need. A complete detailed page represents a real impulse for an online company.


There’s no such thing as a perfect product page, there’s only a product page that is perfect for your specific customers. We can’t stress A/B Testing enough to see what works best to convert your customers. It’s important to know exactly what customers like and how to position your product page to convert the most. That being said, these 49 elements are great to add and are paramount to making sure that the customer has enough information to trust your e-commerce and make a well-informed purchase.
What do you think is the most important element to have on your product detail page?