6 Tips to Organize your E-Commerce for Holiday Traffic

6 Tips to Organize your E-Commerce for Holiday Traffic

It’s the Best Moment to Organize your Online Store for High Holiday Traffic. With the increase in technology and the rise of smartphones, it is getting easier for the e-commerce stores to get high sales or conversion rate. Just like the brick-mortar stores, online stores can also manage or organize their shops for the seasonal holiday sales.
Customers have already started shopping for holiday celebrations. The Facts and Stats from a survey shows that online shopping in U.S. for Christmas Day is gradually increasing year by year.
So, if you’re running late, you still have time to make your e-commerce ready for holiday sales. But, don’t just organize your website only for the holiday, plan it in such a way that the Sales or Discounts work also for after-holiday sales.
Let’s have a look 6 tips on how you can organize your website to grab and handle holiday traffic:

1. Check Out your Competitors

Before you actually start organizing your e-commerce for attracting and handling holiday traffic during this season, you may want to know who your top competitors are what they are doing for this season sale.
Do not check out your competitors to find out what they are doing good or bad, your main focus is to learn how they are performing. If they are performing really well in something, then you must think of something to compete with them.
If in case they are not doing well in processing the orders or displaying the product descriptions, learn from their mistakes and try to enhance the product details on your site and make the processing of orders as flawless as possible. You can even share or promote the products which are not being sold by your competitors on the Social Media platforms which will attract more visitors to your site.
You can also check their main sources of traffic. Try to learn how they catch their visitors. You can help yourself with tools like SimilarWeb. It will help you determine whether your competitors’ traffic comes from their social media, their SEO strategy, their paid campaigns, their mailing campaigns, or other sources. Like that, you will be able to adjust your strategies and try to gain traffic in order to increase your Holiday traffic, and sales.

2. Offer Seasonal Promotions

The fastest and best way to attract visitors and boost the sales is doing a seasonal promotion for the holiday sales. With the holidays only a few weeks away, you can mark the last day on which a customer can make the product purchase and do some last minute preparations.
You can offer large deals and discounts with the last day approaching day by day. You can utilize your social media profiles and platforms for promoting the deals. This does not only bring sales directly from the customers, but it also keeps the visitors and regular customers engaged for the next post or promotion.
Be careful about seasonal promotions, you have to be prepared. Check your stocks, and anticipate your potential traffic. Indeed, if your promotions work really well, you’ll have to be able to carry all of your orders. If not, your customers will be disappointed and will never come back to your E-Commerce.

3. Optimize your Homepage

With the coming holiday sales, you may plan to change your homepage and adapt it to holiday colours and imagery. Sometimes, this might not be possible for certain themes and e-commerce branding. In that case, updating your e-commerce website with other colour themes may harm your store rather than doing well for you.
However, try to use the colours which suit your store well. If holiday colours don’t go with the theme then don’t implement it on your homepage. Try to think of ways with which you can give your store a holiday feel. You can try for warm, cozy imagery to reinforce the holiday aspect in your store. You can also optimize your brand logo, add Call to Action buttons, and replace the technical terms to make your store Holiday-ready.

4. Add Striking Cover Images

Just like the landing pages or pop-up banners, the cover pages also facilitate branding of your online store and products which attract and engage a lot of visitors. Aesthetics are key: presenting your products in a clean beautiful image will incite your holiday traffic customers to go further into your store and engage with your e-commerce. You can create unique and creative cover images for each day or schedule it for the coming two weeks.

5. Offer Product Packaging or Gift Wrapping for the Season

The kind of product packaging promotes your brand as well as the store. The customers find wrapping or packing a gift article a tedious and tiring job (especially if they have many gifts to wrap). So, to reduce their efforts in performing this task, you can offer the packaging or gift wrapping for free, as an add-on service with some extra charge or as a bonus if the customer has spent a defined amount. This is also a fantastic opportunity to create a personalized or branded packaging experience- but remember to offer alternatives to your invoicing so the receiver of the gift won’t know the price of your product.
If you are adding it as a free service or bonus, you can promote this on the most visited webpages of your e-commerce.

6. Get out those Gift Cards

During the holiday shopping season, you may come across some customers who will visit your site for the purpose of buying a gift but they are not sure about which gift to buy for the recipient. This is where gift cards save them from the hassle of selecting gifts.
Gift cards are the best to offer during this time of the holiday season. The customers will purchase the gift cards from you as per their budget and gift it them to their near and dear ones. It also makes sure that no customer returns empty handed from your store.
The success during any seasonal sale or for sales all year round can be achieved with the combination of technology and skills. You can count yourself as a quality online retailer by providing your visitors and customers a flawless and remarkable shopping experience.
What are your best tips for this holiday season? Tell us below or tweet us!

Image credit : Iulia Radishevskaya


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