6 ways to Increase E-Commerce Traffic with Instagram Automation

Instagram automation

Having owned a clothing e-commerce store with no marketing budget at all, I’ve been able to increase sales and traffic to the website just through the use of Instagram. This serves as proof of the impact Instagram has and the exposure it can provide to your e-commerce store.
But being able to foster a great community for your E-Commerce on social media takes time. More exposure will always mean more traffic. That is why Instagram automation is one of the essential components to increase website traffic.

1. Like specific hashtags to get noticed

Instagram automation services that can automate likes in high volumes (within Instagram’s limits) in a targeted manner. One such way is by liking specific hashtags to get noticed.
By liking posts that are attributed to certain hashtags, your potential customers will notice you on certain posts and associate your brand with the hashtag. This is a great way to target your account with those who are specifically interested in what you sell, which is a great way to pull customers into your marketing funnel.

2. Choose your profile picture wisely to attract

What do you do most of the times when someone likes your picture? You will most likely check out their account, and if you’re feeling generous, you might even return the favor and give a few likes to them as well. That is why automating follows in a targeted way is so effective.
In order to spark enough curiosity and welcome people to your account, you must use a profile picture that demands attention; in simpler terms, you want to make sure it’s the best one visitors have seen. Try to use a high resolution camera for taking the picture: Either a digital camera or an iPhone 7 camera should do the trick. If it’s a logo, make sure it is designed in a high resolution, vector image format. The idea is to bring people to your profile.
Accompanied by this, there should be a description that will entice the visitor to visit your account, to either follow you or click on your link.

3. Write a catchy description of your company

Work on a description of what your company is all about, but don’t give it all away. Write just enough and in such a way they it piques their curiosity. If you do this correctly, I guarantee you more people will click on your link. However, don’t be definite about it and don’t be afraid to try new or controversial things. Great marketing is composed of constant plan A/B testing until the desired results are generated.

4. Track your visitors

I would suggest you take 4 weeks to try each caption and analyze your Google analytics results. Another thing you can do is use a Bitly link to track visitors coming to your website from Instagram.
Another great tip for increasing website traffic is to conduct a simple giveaway in which the user has to register by visiting your website. The size of the prize is up to you to decide; however, do note that the bigger the prize, the more people will have incentive to enter the contest and share it.

5. Build an audience by arranging contests

Ultimately, the #1 hack to increase website traffic is to build an audience through niche accounts. In other words, if you own a fashion e-commerce store, make a fashion-based account which sells anything and everything related to your store. Grow it just so you can build an audience that caters to whatever it is you sell.
Once you have amassed a following of over 5,000-10,000 people, you can start promoting your store by arranging contests. Not only will you be able to double the amount of traffic to your website, but you will also manage to increase your sales.

6. Use Instagram Automation for your posts

By using Instagram automation services, it shouldn’t make this goal of 5,000-10,000 followers hard to reach. You can expect the process of reaching 10,000 followers to take no more than 5 months.
As long as you follow these strategies and are consistent with regards to your posting schedule, you should be bringing in over 50 followers a day. Welcome Instagram automation and stay consistent with regards to the content you use. That’s the simple recipe of being able to achieve exponential growth in your number of followers on Instagram and the amount of traffic to your website.
Why do I emphasize on automation so much? It’s because Instagram has over 500 million users. That’s more users than citizens in the United States! Standing out in such a large crowd requires you to undertake a massive amount of activity on your part. So, it’s time to sharpen your tools and reach out to be noticed!
What’s your best Instagram tip?

Image credit: Taryn Oshiro-Wachi