New Release: Pinterest Visual Discovery Tools

New Release: Pinterest Visual Discovery Tools

Pinterest wants everyone to go to their platform for everything concerning inspiration first. Launching Pinterest Visual Discovery tools, we see a clear move towards a catalog users will browse with pleasure to find inspiration, making it simple and intuitive. In order to do so, the social media just released new visual searching and discovery options.
Pinterest’s success comes from the fact that we, as humans, need to see things first in order to imagine what it would be to possess such item, decoration, or to eat such recipes for example. Everything on Pinterest is visual and allows you and your online store to provoke your customers’ desire of obtaining what you show them. Pinterest really wants its users to see something they like or that intrigues them, and keep searching for similar items. This is exactly what it is releasing now: Pinterest visual discovery tools will completely absorb the users in the search/discovery process.

Pinterest Visual Discovery Tool #1: Pinterest Lens

“Pinterest Lens” allows users to point at a real life item, tap and discover similar ideas. No need to use the keyboard at all. It can be hard for people to find online a particular item they just saw in the real world. Because they have to use the exact word to get the correct search and results. New Pinterest’s Lens technology now tries to see the world with its users’ eyes. For the moment, the Lens is in Beta mode and will be fully released soon, at least in the US.
This tool lets Pinterest’s users look at a particular item with their phone’s camera in the app to discover ideas and products that resemble what they see. For example, they can point at a superb pair of sunglasses and see related styles and even suggestions on how to accessorize (bathing suits, top, hat, shoes, etc). The Lens can also display similar designs of furniture when pointed at a whole room. Food works just fine as well. Point the Lens to an ingredient and get related recipes. Pinterest’s clear objective is to become the go-to tool as the technology becomes more efficient.

Pinterest Visual Discovery Tool #2: Instant Ideas


Starting now, Pinterest also decided to launch some new features called “Instant Ideas.” Instant Ideas will allow its users to tap the circle that appears on each Pin when they notice an idea that seems interesting to them. The tap instantly change the content of the users’ feed with related ideas, making it even more personalized. Lets says they wanna see more about pizza, then the feed changes and includes pizzas in the next pins the app displays.

Pinterest Visual Discovery Tool #3: Shop the Look


Last but not least, the “Shop the Look” functionality allows customers to buy products directly from within the Pinterest app. When buyable pins are available, a simple tap in the item’s circle enable users to get the styles they want. It also indicates the accessory products that people purchased along with the item that the customer is interested in. This gives more inspiration to users, and more purchasing desire, of course!

Pinterest wants to be the reference people would instinctively turn to whenever they want to answer questions like what they are going to wear, what they want for dinner, and how would they like to decorate their living room. New features like the one we just cited, contribute to digitalizing people’s everyday life and encourage online purchasing. Your e-commerce can be thankful for that, because everything is made so that Pinterest users don’t miss any opportunity to find your product online and don’t leave without making the purchase.