8 Secret Magento Conversion Optimization Strategies to Boost your E-Commerce

8 Secret Magento Conversion Optimization Strategies to Boost your E-Commerce

Magento stores without any effective conversion rate optimization strategies may end up with poor revenue streams and low ROI to sustain in the competitive market. Therefore, defining successful conversion rate optimization strategies for your Magento store is the best bet.
Conversion is directly connected to the profits of the businesses. Therefore, improving the conversion rate of an e-commerce assures futuristic growth. Thus, e-commerce marketers and store owners equally weight conversion optimization efforts and ready to invest in the tools and campaigns.
Magento has tons of built-in features and tools to optimize the conversion rate of your e-commerce business. Therefore, tying knots with Magento is definitely a wise decision for an e-commerce storefront for a web identity.
However, conversion funnel is long and differ in size as well as nature from store to store. Therefore, one or two strategies are never applicable and efficient at all. We need to take custom approaches in each case. Of course, there are some common strategies, which are applicable almost all e-commerce stores at present days and in this post we would like to discuss it with a brief list of selected 8 strategies to win the conversion of e-commerce.
For the sake of comprehensibility, we would start specifying strategies right from the time your visitors enter your e-commerce site.

1. Introduce Advanced Search Engine as Search Feature

Practically, we know Magento has comparatively poor search engine as a built-in feature. Therefore, we need to introduce 3rd party search engine to bring desired search feature. Fortunately, the Enterprise Edition of Magento 2 has Elastic Search to address advanced needs. It let you set weighted attributes values, stop words, and search synonyms.
Today faceted search with customized filters are popular. Suggested search and auto-completion are common expectations in advanced search engines. Therefore, think about it and design search as per the nature of your Magento e-commerce.

2. Creating UX Friendly Product Pages

Generally, the majority of e-commerce store owners and developers are focusing on the home page, and some selected landing pages. It hardly contributes to the conversion rate improvement because shoppers are coming to your Magento site to find their desired products and related info. Therefore, you must define a refined product page development & optimization strategies to boost user experience as a whole so shoppers can be convinced to buy the product and buy more.
Enhancing the UX of the product pages and the entire Magento site demands to allure yet optimized product images taken from the various angels, so consumers love to see it carefully and tempting to know about it with details. So you need to focus on the content, which must be informative, comprehensive and focused on conveying desired messages regarding the products and services you offer along with it.
Some additional features on product pages such as zooming capability improves product browsing. Social media integration can enhance the social experiences and bring more social favors. Magento has many built-in features as well as a number of extensions available to optimize your product and category pages in innovative ways.

3. Define Advanced Strategies for Order and Shipping Management

Real-time updates of the orders and successful on-time product delivery make e-commerce customers satisfied as well as encourage them to speak some cloying words regarding your business on the social networking sites. Thus, it makes your Magento e-commerce business viral.
Today we have real-time tracking tools and technologies available and several postal or courier services working at global level offers integration of their APIs to show data as well as Maps to track an order with them. Similarly, shipping calculators ease the life of shoppers in your Magento store so take advantage of it and let them compute the actual cost of the products when those are reaching their doorsteps.
Many Magento plugins enable store owners to offer free of charge shipping up to some defined quantity of product purchase or the costs of aggregated products to increase AOV and conversion at the end.

4. Define Return Policies to Avoid Frustrations and Enhance User Experiences

Along with order and shipping, you need to define return policies. Many Magento stores today announces free return within a prescribed set of criteria for a time, cost, and issues with products. Therefore, highlighting return policies on appropriate occasions and places of your Magento storefront can help you to increase your conversion rate.

5 . Create Swift Checkout Process to Close Deal Rapidly

Magento has robust checkout features, but some stores exceeding during implementation and introduce several roadblocks. For instance, denying guest checkout by making sign up process compulsory.
Moreover, they require personal or professional info beyond the basics by introducing several fields of texts to fill up. Unfortunately, mobile devices are not typing friendly and filling up additional info like shipping addresses, permanent addresses, temporary addresses, and so on are proving daunting experiences for mobile devices users.
Thus, it is mandatory to define one page or some short & sweet checkout process strategy for your Magento stores.

6 . Include Most Wanted and Highly Secure Payment Methods

Money transactions in a secure way and with favorite payment gateway are prime factors to enhance your conversion on Magento store. Of course, today the latest versions of Magento like M2x have built-in PayPal payment gateway integrated with the latest features.
However, defining payment method strategies in favor of regionally popular payment gateways for your target audience may prove beneficial in the long run. Therefore, assure support for multilingual and multi-currency features of Magento in your payment gateway integration as the best strategy.

7 . Propagate Trust Building Strategies on Magento

Since Magento is an e-commerce platform and involves several sensitive transactions as well as data exchanges pertaining to finance, security is becoming a prime concern for it.
No doubt, Magento has several built-in security features. However, introducing the latest encryption technologies, passing the security tests for valid certifications from world-class institutions, and depicting trust building certificates, seals, and badges on the Magento stores as well as in checkout pages may prove the best strategies for your e-commerce business to rise conversion rate further.
Moreover, offering guarantees on products and after the sale, services can increase conversion rates so try to implement it if the nature of your products supports it. It has seen that the longer guarantees boost conversion rate at some more.

8 . Test Everything

It is true that strategies are plenty and very few of them are practically applicable or efficient for your e-commerce stores. Therefore, test your implementations of any strategy before finalizing it. Of course, Google Analytics and other e-commerce analytics tools are great to observe the traffic, the results of your actions, and running A/B tests or other tests on your conversion optimization strategies.
It is crucial for any Magento e-commerce storefront to increase the conversion rate since high conversion rate is laying the foundation of high sales volume and your revenues.
There are tons of conversion rate optimization strategies propagated on the web and in the market, but selecting the most appropriate strategies for your Magento store in your bespoke contexts is demanding helping hands of Magento experts with experiences.
What are your best Magento tips?


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