Adopting a video marketing strategy! How and why?

As you may have noticed, content marketing is trendy: it consists in attracting consumers to your website without using traditional ads.
Today, you can develop this content marketing strategy in many different ways: publishing high added value articles on a blog that you’ve created in addition to your online store, sending newsletters to your customers… but also producing videos! Video is now seen as a really attractive format in the eyes of the consumers.
Videos are more and more present on the Internet, not using them would be a mistake for your e-commerce. In the coming years, consumers will ignore the companies refusing to adapt to this format.
However, even if video use is booming, you should pay attention to the way you’re using this format. A video must be of high quality and must bring a real added value for your customers.
Thanks to this article, you’ll understand why video is a factor for success in e-commerce, but also how it can be useful for search engine optimization (SEO).
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  • How videos can be relevant for your e-commerce
  • Videos to improve your organic ranking
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Do you know that videos will consume 84% of the world’s global internet traffic in 2020? According to Popcornvidéo, it’ll be the case! That’s the reason why you need to use videos for your e-commerce from now on.


It’s easy to use videos in many different ways:

  • Videos can be used in an informative way to introduce your products to consumers. For example, you could show the different functions of your product under different angles. Thanks to this, consumers won’t have to go into a store in order to be able to test the product.
  • You can also give your customers the chance to leave a video review on your website. Your customers will both find it fun and go for it. In addition, your videos will bring authenticity and make the purchasing decision easier for consumers. It’s obvious that social proof and consumers’ reviews help to convert consumers.
  • Another idea is to provide a video tutorial on specific products in order to show the different pros and cons. Keep in mind that consumers love transparency, emphasize the informative aspect of your video rather than the commercial aspect.

However, never forget that producing high-quality videos is essential. Bad quality is a reason for consumers to skip your video. To ensure good quality, you should handle the equipment, the video-editing software and write a pertinent script if it’s necessary.


Using videos is also a way to reach various goals. In order to know if this format is really useful for your e-commerce, you can use some KPI: the conversion rate, the number of visits and the sharing ratio.
Videos have various advantages: creating the buzz, encouraging consumers’ trust or improving the organic ranking of your website.
Today, almost everyone is active on social networks and, unlike a large amount of text, a video can be easily shared on social media. This new communication channel offers you another opportunity to share your content!
Since IGTV was launched, using Instagram to introduce your products is a new possibility. IGTV is a platform to watch and share vertical videos, whatever the length, through Instagram.
This kind of format allows you to put forward a specific product, to produce short tutorials or to emphasize some characteristics of your product. With IGTV, you’ll be able to push your customers through the buying cycle!
We let you guess why Youtube was the second most popular global website in 2018? As you already know, this social network is all about video, bringing the evidence that video is becoming really attractive.


As explained before, videos are more and more part of the consumers’ expectations. Actually, 96% of them admit that watching a video dealing with the product is a useful step in their buying process. It’s not really surprising when we consider that consumers increasingly need to be reassured when buying a product.
Another interesting aspect is that an informative video increases the conversion rate by 20%, which is huge! This should be another reason to use this format for your e-commerce website.
At last, 58% of online consumers consider companies sharing online videos as more reliable. As a result, in the eyes of consumers, videos are bringing credibility to your brand.
Videos are only profitable to your website! By using this new format, expected by the consumers, you’ll strengthen your lead.



Google tends to be more and more in love with videos. It’s a coherent tendency when we consider that Google bought Youtube in 2006, already noticing that people were increasingly enjoying videos. The search engine is more likely to lead people towards a video rather than a full article. The algorithm is able to adapt to the consumers’ requests and needs.
Video also offers you an excellent way to increase the time consumers are spending on your website. The more people are spending time on your website, the more Google’s algorithm considers your content as relevant. In this way, you’ll improve your website’s ranking on the search engine.
In order to rank well on Google, you must improve your content: the title, description, subtitles, and keywords are relevant factors leading to a great ranking!
Google loves content. Adding videos permits to create two times more content compared to an article. As explained before, the video will allow you to have a better ranking on search engines, but you can also take the time to transcribe the video in order to offer written content too. Actually, some tools are available on the Internet to help you with the transcription. As a result, you’ll increase your Google ranking!
At last, don’t forget to optimize your videos for mobile devices. In the last few years, mobile internet traffic has been booming, so you should reconsider your videos: make them mobile-friendly! An easy way to do it on your website is to add videos from Youtube because they are already responsive.


You can post your videos on Youtube in order to be as visible as possible on the Internet. This social network helps you to reach more people and to go viral. What’s more, is that you can both add your videos on your website and be present on Youtube.
The tips to enhance your videos on Youtube are strangely similar to those for Google. Indeed, Youtube is now a part of Google and is considered as a search engine in itself.
To do it, you should take the time to think about pertinent keywords before posting your video. Finding keywords with low competition is the key to success: it’ll be easier to rank for these specific terms on Youtube. These keywords can be part of your video’s description.
Quantity, but above all quality, plays an essential role on Youtube. Producing high-quality videos is important but you should also produce videos lasting more than 5 minutes. Finding the perfect length is a big deal, but we can tell you that long videos (more than 10 minutes) will have a better impact than short videos (3-4 minutes). Another ranking factor on Youtube is the watch time: the higher your watch time is, the better your video will rank.
Another way to improve your ranking on Youtube is the popularity of your video, which is made up of different factors: the number of views, comments, likes, shares or followers obtained thanks to your video.
As it works on Google, a nice title including some keywords, a well-developed description, and subtitles are useful. Moreover, adding tags and creating specific playlists may influence your ranking on the platform. At last, it’s important to notice that the name of your original file is taken into account.
As you may have understood, Youtube algorithm is quite similar to the one of Google, even if it’s still a bit more complex.


Today, using videos is a must to succeed. It will help you to look more attractive in the eyes of your consumers, and to be considered as pertinent by Google (and Youtube) algorithm.
Whatever you’re selling, there is a way to produce a video for your e-commerce: introducing a product, making a video tutorial…
We advise you to take into account all the points mentioned before and to take time to think about your video marketing strategy before going for it.
Don’t wait any longer, try to produce your first video in order to give your business an edge!

IMAGE CREDIT: by Sofy Dubinska 


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