Increase ecommerce sales with SendPulse

SendPulse email marketing

This post reviews one of the hidden gems of internet marketing. Many entrepreneurs might have already caught on, but this is the one thing they never let out when answering “what’s your trick to business success?” People are all too familiar with the cliché tips these successful e-commerce leaders give each time such as wake up at four in the morning, work till the dead of night, be ready for losses, among other not-so-new, often-unrewarding bits of advice.
What they should be saying is that success in business today is fueled by efficiency. Enterprises that have learned this can achieve more with way less effort. So, how can companies become more efficient? Marketing automation is one of the ways enterprises can quickly upscale and earn better ROI without much hassle. As such, marketers are increasingly leveraging the power of marketing automation services like SendPulse to reap these and more benefits.
That said, what is SendPulse exactly? It is an automated marketing platform that allows businesses to reach out to their customers on multiple channels: email, SMS, web push, and Viber. With SendPulse, marketers can configure all communications with leads and customers based on their particular actions (triggered emails.) Apart from that, this service has a free plan and offers 24/7 support. It is a treasure to all marketers who use it right!

How to increase e-commerce sales with SendPulse?

Studies have concluded that 77 percent of marketing automation users experienced an increase in conversions. This statistic is enough to convince anyone to use a reputable service to push their brand further and thus attain more sales.
SendPulse offers a wide choice of features to increase marketing performance. Let’s highlight some of them.

Automate your marketing


SendPulse enables e-commerce leaders to automate their campaigns using automated email sending. As such, it allows them to easily send out emails triggered by customer actions. These triggered emails can be sent under the following scenarios:

  • Registration: These emails provide the marketer with an opportunity to welcome a customer after they register on a brand’s website and tell them about the benefits business offers.
  • Abandoned cart: Allows marketers to remind customers of items that have overstayed in their online shopping carts.
  • Purchase: Online business owners use this email to thank customers after buying, offer discounts for future purchases, and ask for feedback.
  • Custom event: Marketers can also create their events and set up automatic messages after they are triggered.

Create unique subscription forms

SendPulse provides marketers with a flexible platform to create email subscription forms based on pre-designed templates. Aside from that, it offers customized forms to match a brand’s colors and fonts. Also, marketers can decide which pages the forms should appear on and set display options.
With SendPulse, one can create four different types of subscription forms:

  1. Embedded: Placed anywhere as per the liking of the owner.
  2. Popup: Shows when visitors spend a specified duration on a website or when they want to leave.
  3. Floating: Easily seen by site visitors.
  4. Fixed: Attached to the bottom of the screen and never disappears when one scrolls down the page.

Craft original email templates

SendPulse’s email service shines. It comes with a drag-and-drop email editor that enables marketers to conveniently create professional templates for emails even if they do not possess HTML skills or other technical knowledge. There are several categories of email templates: holiday, e-commerce, restaurant, travel, and others.
Access eye-catching email templates and start marketing with SendPulse!

Empower your marketing with web push notifications

Web push alerts have proven to be an effective way of reaching out to prospective customers even when they are not on the website. They are instant, hard to miss, and actionable. Free push notifications are one of the primary services that SendPulse offers. Users can easily set up a push notification subscription request managing the way it will look like and when it will be shown.
After a visitor subscribes, the website can start sending notifications about sales, new products or content, critical updates, events to a subscriber’s desktop automatically. SendPulse web push notifications are compatible with all major browsers including Firefox, Chrome, and Opera. This feature is free to use and only setting up an account is required.

Monetize your website

While web push notifications help online businesses drive traffic back to their sites and recover lost revenue, there is another way to make money with web push. SendPulse in partnership with offers website push monetization that enables website owners who already have web push subscribers to earn money from web push ads.
A user should activate the advertising system in their SendPulse personal account to enable this feature then state how frequent the ads will be sent to subscribers. Just like display ads, one earns money every time a subscriber clicks on the notification (per click basis). Users can monitor the ad performance and amount gained from their SendPulse account.

Improve customer service with a chatbot

Today, the majority of potential customers are spending their time on social media and messaging apps. E-commerce marketers should follow their audience across all the channels. That is why Messenger chatbots are a hot trend in marketing now.
SendPulse multichannel marketing service helps internet marketers and e-commerce websites build Facebook Messenger chatbots to send mass personalized campaigns to users, and deliver better customer experience. By placing a subscription widget on a site, visitors can opt-in for Facebook Messenger updates from the business. Users can build and add a bot to one or more Facebook pages by connecting their SendPulse account to a Facebook profile.

Reach out to a wider audience with SMS

Apart from email, Messenger and web push notifications, marketers can cast a wider net by adding SMS to their marketing campaign channels. SendPulse is an excellent choice for brands that want to reach customers on a global scale. Marketers can send automated bulk SMS on 800 networks in more than 200 countries across the globe. Use this channel to tell customers about new arrivals or content updates, keep them in the know regarding the order status and drive back to your site.

How much does SendPulse cost?

SendPulse pricing varies with each service and can be billed monthly or as you go. However, most of these services are quite affordable and lower than competitors’ alternatives. For example, for $7.88 a month, marketers can send unlimited marketing emails to 2,500 subscribers and enjoy added professional features. MailChimp charges $30 and Constant Contact — $45 for 2,500 subscribers. For up to 2,500 subscribers and 15,000 emails a month, SendPulse is free.

Take Away

Internet marketers and online business owners who are keen on increasing conversions and boosting revenue from their websites should try SendPulse. Marketing tasks are effortless with their automation feature and reaching bigger audiences became faster due to the combination of several channels. Since the service offers a free package, there is nothing to lose by trying it out to see if it is a good fit for your business.
Not only one can increase e-commerce sales with SendPulse, but it also boosts engagement and customer retention.