BigCommerce: Advantages of choosing this platform for your e-commerce

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The number of e-commerce has grown exponentially in the last decade. At the same time, the number of platforms for the creation of online stores has also grown. One of these platforms is BigCommerce. If you are thinking of launching a new online store, you are probably analyzing the different solutions available in the market. BigCommerce can be a very good option.

What is BigCommerce?

BigCommerce is an e-commerce solution for small and medium businesses. With BigCommerce you can quickly and easily create an online store where you can sell products, process and ship orders, manage stock as well as customize the design of your store.
Bigcommerce offers a series of very attractive advantages for anyone who has an e-commerce store.
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Advantages of using BigCommerce

Fully adapted to mobile devices

About 50% of online shoppers use their smartphones to make purchases. If your online business doesn’t work properly on smartphones, you will be losing half of your potential customers.
BigCommerce was the first e-commerce platform to integrate Google’s AMP into an e-commerce. BigCommerce integration with AMP simplifies category and product pages, which favours page loading time, thus improving the user experience and SEO.
According to Brian Dhatt, CTO of BigCommerce, the AMP eliminates all those aspects that affect the shopping experience and allows the user to immediately access the details of the product, find the information they need and make the purchase without the typical problems associated with mobile shopping.
In addition, BigCommerce has special templates for mobile phones and the optimization of the shopping cart in these devices.
What are the benefits of AMP for e-commerce?

  • It improves the loading time of the page. AMP allows reducing the size of those elements of the site of greater weight. On average, a delay of 100 milliseconds in the load reduces the conversion by 7%. Thanks to the AMP this type of waiting in the load of the web is reduced.
  • Improves the SEO of e-commerce: BigCommerce enables the AMP in Google. According to a 2017 study, most consumers tend to prefer search results with AMP than those who do not have it.

Content Syndication

BigCommerce allows you to increase traffic to your site by using content RSS and purchase feeds. This platform easily connects to shopping feeds such as Shopzilla to drive more traffic to your website. In addition, it is connected to Google’s product search engine, which gives you the ability to get more traffic directly through that channel.

Customer Service

Once your e-commerce is up and running, it’s important to have the peace of mind of knowing that it will continue to work properly in the face of any problem that arises. Bigcommerce offers assistance for your store 24 hours a day, so you do not have to worry about any problem that may arise and threaten to hinder the functioning of your website, resulting in losses.

Online Marketing Apps

BigCommerce has a multitude of apps to boost the conversions and revenues of your online business. For example, there are apps to integrate social networks, shopping cart recovery app, one-click payment, etc. As a user, you can also download other extensions and use the different functions to increase sales if you need.


BigCommerce gives you the possibility to integrate your e-commerce in marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, etc. Thanks to this you will be able to attract more traffic to your business. You can also integrate your business on Facebook. Thus, you can harness the power of Facebook for your sales and marketing.

Stock and returns management

BigCommerce offers you an intuitive interface to manage stock, making it easier to manage product returns. Having an easy-to-use stock and returns management system is an advantage in an e-commerce business.

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SEO Optimization

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) makes your website gain relevant traffic that can be translated into customers organically. SEO remains a fundamental aspect of any online business. BigCommerce includes several useful SEO tools that will make your online store rank well in search engines.
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