Tools for your e-commerce Content Marketing strategy

Content Marketing

Content is undoubtedly king in the digital and print world. Since we are living in a digital era, computing devices including small to big computers, laptops, smartphones, and tablets are ruling the market by capturing a vast audiences instantly.

Mobility and easy Internet access have increased content consumption many folds for a decade. Today, businesses, marketers, and journalists are struggling to beat rapidly proliferating competitors to capture their target audience.

Unfortunately, all roads of marketing and reaching the audience end up with some sorts of content including textual content, visual or images and video content, audio content, and many more.

Different types of content may prove the best fit in different contexts and for different distribution channels. Therefore, content writers, content designers/developers, and content publishers have to constantly evaluate appropriate content strategies according to the niche of the beneficiary e-commerce or online businesses.

Content is Everything for E-Commerce

E-commerce in a general sense need various kinds of content today. E-commerce website needs content to describe or present products or services and their categories.

E-commerce web copies have more than one aims when conversion funnel is in question. Therefore, only textual content is not a single weapon to deal with it. Product images and informative audio/video content are now essential.

Similarly, off the website, content marketing efforts are new compulsions due to the proliferation of social media and other channels to cover a huge audience present there. Therefore, we need to think of infographics, slide shows, podcasts, and videos to grab attention of highly dispersed audience across the various digital and Internet channels.

What Kind of Content Marketing Tools do I Need?

Since we know that content marketers need different types of content, ranging from texts to photos and videos, for their content production for the e-commerce industry. Therefore, content development for e-commerce niche requires various content development technologies, tools, and techniques.

A Microsoft Office Suite is enough for textual or numeric content creation whereas photo editors are essential for images of standstill visual content like infographics. For audio and videos, multimedia content editors are the best bets for content marketers.

Apart from core content production, content marketers also need additional tools to aid the entire content production and distribution process. For instance,

  • Tools for content idea generation
  • Tools for content discovery
  • Tools for organization of content ideas, content, and publishing/distribution
  • Tools for content creation
  • Tools for content development/writing/designing
  • Tools for content marketing and distribution

Let’s check them all one-by-one:

Content Marketing Idea Generation Tools

Before spending time, resources, and money on content generation endeavors, we must confirm that our content idea is unique and useful for our targeted audience. Going to content development based on assumptions may prove fatal for our long-term marketing campaigns.

Therefore, marketers need tools to get right inspirations for a content idea and need to validate based on its actual demand in the market. There are several tools to assist in due course. However, I prefer Reddit at the first place.



In a sense, Reddit is used as a social networking site to get rank and buzz of your content within your business niche or industries. However, it is highly useful to get a content idea on a variety of topics at the global level.

Therefore, you can easily and quickly discover that what is trendy worldwide, and which headlines are appropriate for your content production process. On Reddit, you can get an idea regarding titles and some snippets for your upcoming content and can come up with unique titles, description, and so on for your content marketing purposes.



If your content marketing team has goals to publish highly niche-specific content and want to create long-lasting impressions in content marketing, this tool is surely the best bet for niche content writers who are constantly searching feeds for personalized content ideas and content curation.

The best thing about Trapit is that it has self-learning algorithm so when a user is working on it more, it can deliver more personalized and better content each time based on the feedback it has observed.



It is highly popular social networking site for question-answer type discussions. Therefore, it is giving nearly perfect ideas that what types of question being asked and what are the scopes to write a unique post or create infographics based on those feeds.

Content Marketing Discovery Tools



It is the best option for RSS feed. You can add your favorite publications, blogs, and media channels to keep in touch with the latest updates, movers & shakers, and thinkers. It lets you organize your content for easy access and great curation.

Content Marketing Idea Organization Tools



It is a free tool for organizing content, media, and ideas using neatly organized cards. It is a tool for team collaboration so help in streamline content and gather votes on particular cards with real-time feedback on the excellent content so you can pursue further. Trello



It is a fact we cannot read all useful content that we see when we discover it and need to postpone. Pocket can help us save multimedia content to check it out later. You can organize content for speedy curation and publication.

Content Creation Assistance Tools

Google Keyword Planner Tool:

For the best content optimization and targeting, using right keywords has a significant role to play. Therefore, this free and reliable tool is widely used among the ‘content-marketing’ community.

HubSpot Blog Topic Generator:

It is very simple to use topic idea generator. You need to write three nouns to describe your topic needs or business needs. When you hit the “Give Me Blog Topics” button, it may come up with five different titles with uniqueness in concepts.

Content Development/ Writing/ Designing Tools

For the best content development, the content marketers need to take help of professional content writers with niche specific experiences and expertise. A professional content writer has own tools that aid in textual content writing such as MS Office suite with MS Word. Grammar and spelling checking plugins can help to speed up the job of content writers.

Therefore, content marketers have to find out right talents for content generation in the appropriate layouts and with content strategies. In due course some platforms may prove to bridge content writers with content marketers and those are:



It is a platform to find high-quality freelance content writers for standard rates. It frees business or content marketing team from search, process, and payment for content writing work through its editorial process and dashboard. Contently


Today content marketers cannot solely depend on textual content as visual content, and its consumption is more rewarding for businesses. Therefore, this platform is great to create stunning infographics with a huge infographics database.


Among the visual content, videos are on the top for the best conversion for any business. Therefore, this tool helps marketers to create videos and animation for impressive content presentation. With PowToon, you may have commercial quality experiences for your content marketing campaign, so it is worth to spend on it.


It is gaining popularity and replacing the needs of Photoshop like paid image editing platforms with a free platform option. It can do all image editing processes that Photoshop can do so help in the creation of visual content.

Meme Generator:

Some comical spin in your content can help you to make content viral instantly on social media and elsewhere. Therefore, this tool helps us to add a meme from the web resources and get traction for your content.

Content Marketing Publishing & Distribution

Once you save content and organize it your ways, it needs to publishing content on a predefined schedule to get maximum benefits from it.



It helps you to schedule your content across various publication channels and social networking channels including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and so on. You can peak the best time for content posting and can optimize your content accordingly.

Thus, Buffer can help you to streamline your content distribution process with ease and speed.

The content marketing tools mentioned above can help an e-commerce to rank high in SERPs as well as obtain more favors on social media sites. The inclusion of such tools in your e-commerce content marketing campaign may increase the budget, but it definitely can help marketers to hit their goals quickly and with a solid e-commerce business growth for long-term.

However, marketing success comes only with high-end and advanced e-commerce designing and programming efforts. Therefore, you need a rocking team of e-commerce developers along with e-commerce marketers to have a sure success in the fiercely competitive market.

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