What is coviewing and what are the advantages for E-Commerce?


As you may know, E-Commerce is growing fast, and online consumers have more and more precise needs. This is why online sellers need to adapt to this demand and start using adapted tools to increase their conversion rate by answering their clients’ questions.
Some E-Commerce solutions like Oct8ne give E-Commerce sellers the tools to answer the new consumers’ needs. Among these tools, we can find coviewing

What is coviewing?

Coviewing is one of Oct8ne’s tool made to help the visitors on your website. The customer and the seller visualize the product simultaneously, and in real time. This support experience allows the seller to give all the information the consumer may need. 
Both parties are therefore visualizing the same product at the same time. The navigation is therefore the same, including the interactions. Indeed, both the customer and the seller can interact with the different products. Searches are also activated, in order to browse the entire site. In some cases, this feature may improve the user experience on the site by presenting the different features it offers. 
The functionality allows the visitor to have the same functionalities as if he/she were the only one to navigate. Indeed, he can add products to his shopping cart, or perform searches, as mentioned above. 
In the event that the agent cannot answer one of the visitor’s questions, it is possible to make a transfer. That is, the agent can transfer this coviewing session to one of his colleagues, so that the latter can answer the consumer’s questions. 
If you are an agent, it is also possible to add a product to the shopping cart for the customer, with his agreement of course. 
The transfer is not only possible between agents, but also between communication channels. Explanation: the agent may, at any time, switch from a written conversation via chat to an oral conversation over the telephone. This is obviously possible in the opposite direction. 

Why should you use coviewing? 

This feature is very useful for online shops welcoming people with disabilities, such as blind people who need assistance with online shopping, or people who are not familiar with online shopping and who need special and personalised support. 
As we know, the customer experience and the relationship you have with the customer are becoming increasingly important. Indeed, providing support, as well as a smooth journey, allows the customer to feel favoured by the online store. As we know, making a consumer feel important increases the conversion rate, as well as the retention rate. 
If the purchasing process is in trouble, it is therefore possible to intervene and support the consumer. In addition, exchanges, whether textual or oral, make it possible to build a bond of trust between your online store and its visitors. 

Some tips to improve the user experience:

To support you in the development of your user experience, here are some tips to implement, in parallel with the coviewing functionality:

Improve your site’s loading speed

When your site loads, every second counts. Indeed, a Radware study revealed that a 2-second delay in loading time increases the abandonment rate of navigation by up to 87%. 
This abandonment rate, and the increased loading time, then sends negative signals to search engines such as Google, thus impacting your SEO strategy.

Make your site accessible to everyone

Your site must be clear enough so that each visitor can navigate it without any problem. In order not to lose visitors, display the navigation path using the breadcrumb trail. 
Also consider implementing a sleek and airy design so that consumers don’t get lost when they surf. Clear design and instructions reduce the number of incoming requests for your customer service, or reduce the bounce rate you find in your analytics tool. 
It is important to reduce the number of incoming contacts from your customer service department, as 30 to 60% of them are order-related contacts. 

Think about mobile browsing

More and more Internet users are also turning into mobile users, which means they are using their smartphones for online shopping. Today, nearly 5.1 million people use their phones every day. 49% of Internet traffic comes from phones

This will allow consumers to easily find products of interest to them. In this way, reduce to a minimum the number of steps that the visitor will encounter before finding the product he wants. This way, once again, you will be able to reduce the number of contacts in your customer service department. 

The advantages of coviewing

To come back to the advantages of coviewing, we can name several elements which, when applied with a good user experience, make it possible to create a complete and clear shopping experience for the visitor. 
Thus, coviewing allows the consumer to quickly request information from the agent in charge. Indeed, if the consumer does not find what he wants, because of an overloaded design, for example, he will leave the site, thus causing a abandonment of navigation. Worse, if the latter has already filled his basket and certain finalization steps are problematic, the customer will abandon the basket. Thus, coviewing makes it possible to give the consumer a direct contact option. This allows for personalized support, whether vocal or textual. 
In addition, it can allow upselling. Indeed, the agent can take advantage of this moment of exchange with the visitor to know his desires and needs, allowing him to bring a little more to the personalization of the experience, a persuasive lever to encourage the visitor to consume more. Again, coviewing plays an important, if not essential, role in the loyalty process of your online store. As mentioned above, this allows you to create links between your E-Commerce and its visitors. When you help consumers, they will feel important. This will make it possible to transform consumers into customers, then into loyal customers, then into prescribers. This will help you create a community and promote your brand with consumers who have an influential role in your company and products. Let’s not forget that word of mouth is very important, and that it allows people to have a social proof of the good quality of your business. 
Would you like to know more about coviewing? 

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