We are amidst the most dramatic shift in consumer expectations in almost a century. The entire fabric of our lives has changed and, in turn, so too has the way we want to interact with brands. As we enter a post-covid-19 world, some businesses will crash and others will thrive; the defining factor will be our ability to, not only adapt, but to innovate. So, how do we harness this momentum to accelerate digitalization, create a culture of innovation and come out of this with more loyal customers than before?

Strategic Marketing USA 2020

Reuters Events Strategic Marketing USA (Nov 5-6, Virtual) is where CMOs and execs are virtually gathering to reimagine the future of marketing – one where brands are purpose-driven, campaigns are truly data-backed, and agile marketing is the new norm. Join us as we bring together those leading marketing strategy for the world’s most recognizable brands to share how they have stood firm as industry leaders through crisis.

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