Digital Growth Unleashed Berlin

Digital Growth Unleashed

Digital Growth Unleashed
November 18-19, 2019
Berlin, Germany

Use the huge potential of your online business!

At the Digital Growth Unleashed Conference in Berlin, you will learn to optimize all stages of the customer journey and thus achieve greater growth. The focus will be on news and tips and tricks on topics such as campaign optimization, lead generation, conversion rate optimization, upsell and commitment, tools, testing, and automation.

The enormous importance of an effectively optimized customer journey runs through all business areas

Addressing and winning the right audience, aligning business models and user experience, building customer relationships across the lifecycle and investing in the right technologies – all these issues need to be in focus to optimize the entire customer journey. This often requires changes across the enterprise that go far beyond the website or landing page.

Find and use the huge potential of your online business

Digital Growth Unleashed helps you identify the opportunities of the entire customer journey and link it to critical business results. Learn how to attract the right users, synchronize your business models with your users’ user experience, optimize customer lifetime value, and choose the technologies you need to achieve the best possible results.

Much more than just another online marketing conference

The best possible customer journey, that is the clear focus of the event. If you offer exactly what your customers and prospects need at the right time, then you can exploit the full potential of your online business.

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