[#Event] E-Commerce Berlin Expo: Cross-Border E-Commerce Questions Answered

In the rise of the digital era, the world is smaller than ever. Consumers today can purchase products from anywhere in the world in an instant, and receive the products in under two days. The digital shopper of today doesn’t shy away from purchasing from a foreign e-commerce, and won’t hesitate to hold an international company to the same standards that they would apply to a domestic store.
With 7 billion potential customers (over however many might just be local to you), the time to go global is now. The only question is, how?
The best way to understand the different challenges and solutions concerning cross-border e-commerce is to look to those who have done it successfully. Where were their biggest challenges? Where did they succeed, and more importantly, where did they fail? It’s imperative that you plan your strategy around not only the experience of those around you, but also the biggest innovations in the industry.
With customers becoming more and more demanding, innovation is becoming standard, and differentiation is becoming more difficult because of this. This is all fine and well, but where do you get all of this information?

Where to get Ideas, Inspiration, and Solutions

This is where international e-commerce conferences come in. When you are completely out of ideas, inspiration, or know-how, going to an e-commerce conference can be one of the best ways to figure out how to push a breath of fresh air into your e-commerce. Cross-border events are great in that they often bring together the largest thought leaders in the industry, who offer their expert advice on just how to replicate their success. ecomberlinspeaker
What’s more: you can network with people like this and innovators from every aspect of the diverse e-commerce industry, even finding¬†solutions to taking your e-commerce cross-border easier. One of the best events for this is the E-Commerce Berlin Expo, taking place in just under a month. Welcoming over 3000 visitors and 90 exhibitors, this event brings together the largest concentration of cross-border think tanks in Europe.
With keynote speeches by leaders in the industry including BVOH, Alibaba, SEMRush, Google, and many others, the latest trends in global e-commerce will be discussed and released. The question on everyone’s minds? We’ve come so far in 2016, what’s next for cross-border e-commerce in 2017?

Practical information for the E-Commerce Berlin Expo

The E-Commerce Berlin Expo will present these keynotes over four main stages where experts in the industry will offer the latest tips, innovations, and statistics in the e-commerce industry, most specifically, concerning taking your business cross-border. The best strategies and practices will be presented for the benefit of e-commerce professionals and solution providers from all over the world.
The best part? All of this information is available to you free of charge. However, tickets are limited, so registration is mandatory to attend.
The E-Commerce Berlin Expo will be held on February 2nd from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the STATION Berlin located at Luckenwalder Str. 4-6 in Berlin, Germany. Registration for participation is completely free, For those who wish to exhibit, there are only a handfull of booths left, but you can still register to bring your solution to the event.
Even if you’re not local, the E-Commerce Berlin Expo is a fantastic event to attend, as it will answer some of the hardest questions concerning cross-border e-commerce in 2017. Will you be going? Tell us below or tweet us!