How to Build the Perfect E-commerce Landing Page

How to Build the Perfect E-commerce Landing Page

You never get a second chance to make a good first impression.

For an E-commerce, your landing page is your first opportunity to make an impression on your would-be clients. Is your landing page converting or driving your clients away?

We found a great infographic highlighting the recipe for the perfect landing page from Wiser.  From the images on your site to the call to action and menu links, every element plays a role in conversion.

Is your landing page working for you or against you? Here are the 9 key ingredients to an excellent landing page:

Show that you’re always available

On your landing page, you should show a way for your customer to contact you. There should be a number, an email address, or a live chat box where your customer can ask a question about your merchandise and your business. This fosters trust with your customers and shows them that you care about their questions and concerns enough to allow them to contact you.

Get your visual on!

You want your landing page to be aesthetically appealing, and the brain processes information easier when it’s presented visually (this is why we love infographics). You want quality, beautiful images on your landing page, but beware: too many images could affect the loading time of your landing page which can drive away customers.

images ecommerce landing page

Show your street cred

If you’ve got customer reviews, display them! Show your customers that others have bought from you (and ideally, loved the experience). This is yet another element that plays on customer trust of your E-commerce and pushes those who are indecisive about a product to confirm their purchase. Customer reviews have a huge amount of influence on conversion.

Get Social

4 in 10 users have purchased an item after having shared it on social media. Add sharing buttons to your photos and products to encourage your customers to purchase it. In fact, 81% of consumers say that their friends’ social media posts influence their buying habits. A great example can be seen by Hawkers (Spanish sunglasses brand) that has created a section on the website called “SHOP INSTA” with a collection of all of there users pictures updated on Instagram.

social media1

Start off right

Make your headline punchy, but accurate and pertinent to your offer. You want to draw in customers, but not with false advertisement. Conversion increases by 4.8% when your headlines match your ad copy.

Less is more

Don’t drown your reader in text and information. Be clear and concise with bullet points and easy to read paragraphs. Give your readers enough information to make an informed purchase, but no one wants to read a novel about a pair of socks.

product description

Promote your Security

Again, the name of the game here is trust. You want your customers to feel secure about their purchase and to trust that you won’t take their money and disappear. They want to know that their personal and payment information is secure and that you take that security seriously. So make sure that your payment options are secure, and show indicators that prove that.

Offer Added Value

When you want to clench that sale, you need to offer something special that your competitors aren’t offering. Give your customers the incentive to purchase with you, so offer a special gift, or a discount on sales over a certain amount, or free shipping.

Optimize your pricing

There are a few psychological tricks that retailers have been using for years to push sales- the 1.99 phenomena. Instead of saying that a product is 30 dollars, show your clients that it’s $29.99. Prices using 9s can lead to a 24% increase in conversion. If you have sales or promotions, put your best products in prominence on your site.

The landing page can be the easiest part of your sales conversion, or the most difficult. But if you follow these tips, and work on your landing page optimization often, you can make your landing page a page that converts.

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