How eTail Europe Showcased Data and Omnichannel Success

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E-Commerce Nation had the wonderful opportunity to attend the eTail Europe event last week, from 20 till 22 June, in the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre in central London. In this article we are sharing some of the most insightful presentations  and the most innovative companies we had the chance of experiencing.
The three days of the eTail Europe event were filled with over 60 speakers sharing their ideas and practices on omni-channel use, customer engagement and digital transformation. Over 600 attendees were present, eager for new knowledge and networking opportunities, which made it a vibrant event, not to forget about the amazing robot and the virtual gaming space that gave the event a futuristic edge.

eTail Europe

Thomas Neilsen at eTail Europe: “Data is King: Transformation of omni-channel and online growth”

The first day brought insights concerning the transformation of omni-channel and online growth. Thomas Nielsen, CDO at Tesco, approached this change by emphasizing that analysing your data will get you the answers you need from your audience in order to adapt your communications appropriately. Being on top of your data, keeping up with design for customer experience and management of the user experience is crucial in order to be successful and to serve your customers better every day. Focusing on customer needs is the new marketing.
eTail Europe

Billie Whitehouse & Constantin Eis: Repacking ideas and learning how to differentiate

The second day of eTail Europe focused on digital transformation. Constantin Eis, co-founder and global manager of Casper, transformed a simple product into an digital experience. He repacked the idea of sleep by engaging in research and learning how to differentiate. The mattresses are designed for a better night’s sleep and come with additional features. Including an app through which you can connect and speak with someone when you can’t sleep. His key takeaways include creating a great web experience, service design, and content strategy to share an engaging brand story.

‘It is important to constantly design and revise your product to gain trust and loyal consumers. Stay away from traditional retail, grow a business that delivers an amazing experience overall.’

Another great presentation introduced us to connected fashion. ‘What about if you could get real-time feedback from your clothing about your yoga positions?’ Billie Whitehouse, CEO of Wearable experiments, realised this dream, connecting technology to sports apparel. Vibrations at the ankles, knees and hips is used to gently direct you to better positions. It is not only her connected clothing that catches your attention but also her horizontal approach across business which is best according to her to develop a great an well aligned digital experience for your customers.
eTail Europe

David Trott: Using simplicity to set yourself apart

David Trott, creative director and author, presented the importance of simplicity in the marketing world. ‘Simple is smart and complicated is stupid’ – he started his presentation. It is not always easy to think ‘simple’, advertisers and marketers are so deep into their work and extremely aware of the commercial process, they forget how it is to look at things from the customer’s perspective. Trott’s example: ‘Which of the advertisements you saw last night was the most successful?’ – The one with most sales! The one with highest quality! – But the advertisement that is really successful is simply the one that stands out and is remembered. Set yourself apart by simplicity.
eTail Europe
The objective of this event was sharing valuable knowledge by connecting 1000+ online retailers to successful stories and incredible solution providers in order to grow and shine in the future. Attendees mentioned they enjoyed the event and go back home with new learned knowledge:
‘Fantastic event to meet lots of great and interesting people in the retail/e-commerce field. As well as getting to enjoy some very well informed speakers and discussions. Definitely worth attending.’ – Robert Booth, Principal Product Manager, Expedia
We are thankful to Worldwide Business Research for partnering with us and having us as their guest at this amazing eTail Europe event. We are already looking forward to  next year’s event!
Any amazing speaker that should be covered in a full interview by us? Let us know!