Felix Schroeder (Chatchamp): “Messenger is going to be an additional important new marketing channel”

felix schroeder interview en

Introducing Felix Schroeder, CEO CO-Founder at Chatchamp. In this video, Felix gives us an insight into what they have to offer and the future of messenger marketing.


Felix: Hi my name is Felix. I am one of the co-founders of Chatchamp. And we offer messenger marketing for e-commerce. This means we connect with shopping systems systemically connect with CRM. And then enable them to use instant messengers like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp as a new conversion channel. And you said for marketing and CRM. So imagine you have it. Your website. You can integrate mythical Bitcoin unto itself plugins. And then use the options that you can get by as special hub. Obviously with the butterflies the checkboxes can use them to then send trigger messages from the top shop. So for example in Bangkok messages status updates shipping updates. That means also getting to seven centers. And in the end just an app that he uses about what’s happening on the shelf like products he said is whatever you want. And since we have connect to the laptop and this year we can use that data as well to create the messages and automate them better and personalize them better. And and we do this with also WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. Just yesterday we won the Innovation Award of the year by the e-commerce expert here in Berlin. So we are very proud of that. And if you just want to try us out and have a pilot just contact us. And I’m very happy to set up a project with you and just see a well it works for you guys. The advantage of our solution. What’s most other solutions on the market is that we really focus on e-commerce.
Felix: And so like. All of our solutions and the software itself is really focused on the use cases that we see for e-commerce. And also we can track everything from our chat onto websites and can actually measure all of the revenue that we generate with our messages. And you have the possibility to use something like A/B testing to really optimize semesters towards getting the best results you can use that channel. Just like any other performance in total. What we see is that messenger is just going to be an additional super important new marketing channel. Additionally to something like email social media. And impress alive. It’s already for a while that. Messengers would talk pretty much every other tenant even social media usage. So it’s just a luxury consequence and you also want to be there as a brand since your customers all there. And it makes sure that you send relevant and present content. So that you can be even more relevant to your users and closer to users. And learn a lot of them get insights inside my head was having a conversation. And. Yet so just make sure to be the relevant stuff. And in the end, I think you can just build again and new really relevant channel to them and improve your customer lifetime value that the customers since they are so close to your brand.