Brian Greener (NuaPay): “Payments are becoming immediate, invisible and free”

brian greener

Introducing Brian Greener, Senior Manager at Nuapay. In this video, Brian gives us an insight into what they have to offer and the future of payments by 2025.
Video Transcript:
Alfredo: So today we are with Brian Greener for a Nuapay. It’s a pleasure having you today. Brian welcome. And Brian we’ll be talking to us about Nuapay a feature bland features of payment. So Brian. It’s all in your hands. Thank you.
Brian: Nuapay is a payment institution licensed in London and we specialize in the provision of payment accounts and alternative payment methods including direct debits credit transfers faster payments and more recently we are starting to exploit the capabilities of open banking and how that will impact the world of payments particularly in the areas of e-commerce and shopping. OK.

Where do you see the future of payments by 2025?

Brian: We see quite a lot of change happening in the industry at the moment but probably at the greatest rate of change that we’ve seen for many years. We expect that rate of change to continue. We’re seeing the world somewhat divided differently to how we would expect it. With the Asia Pacific really leading the world and Europe trading along a little bit behind so we’re a little bit in catch up mode Asia Pacific. So we expect to see significant changes in the way payments are made. And in general, the quote I like to use is that payments are becoming immediate, invisible and free. That would be a good definition for payments

Is there anything that Nuapay is working on towards the future? Any new products or any new features? Are you also planning to launch any new markets?

Brian: Where heavily involved in the development of open banking linked where’s real time payments. I say card displacement mechanism. We’re working with some of the largest hospitals in the world on those particular avenues. So we expect that to have a disruptive impact on the way that people do business and the way people trade and particularly in e-commerce and also in the physical point of sale. So we’re working very heavily in that arena and we’re at the moment where specializing within Europe for European area and initially in the U.K. because the U.K. is the first to be life. We’re already operating and we already have pilots out there running and then going beyond that. We’re looking to exploit the capabilities of open banking on a more global scale and introducing other parallel products such as request Hey which is just starting to creep in now and that may well also provide a disruptor. To the payment industry.
Alfredo: Sounds promising then for the next couple of months. Yes. Then we will be busy. Thanks. Yes. So. Many thanks for. Everyone joining us. And if you’ve got any other questions just feel free to contact directly Nuapay or Brian Greener. You’ll be able to find the link for the company. Thank you. Brian.