How is Internet of Things Changing the E-Commerce Landscape ?

How is Internet of Things Changing the E-Commerce Landscape ?
How is Internet of Things Changing the E-Commerce Landscape ?

Welcome to the world of future! Automated devices & online retail will come hand to hand when it comes to sales, and will be user friendly. Starting with Amazon Dash and ending on smart-shelves experience, the IoT is about to assist you at every sales point that you approach.

How a home assistant can help me throughout my day?

Home Assistants can sense, communicate and help you out throughout the day. With voice messages & conversations, you can use Google Home or Amazon Echo to remember, check info or run a certain application. We were introduced to similar technology by using Apple’s Siri, but without the possibility to order things online.
Amazon’s Alexa came a step ahead and introduced a feature, enabling online purchases from… Amazon. But, that’s not it yet, they have integrated Alexa with Domino’s Pizza, so now you can place an order just by speaking what ingredients you like. Will it go down to ordering or returning items bought online? We will see about that, but there’s a huge chance, that home automation devices are on a way to outsmart desktop & mobile usage.

Can grocery shopping be revolutionized?

Another black horse from Amazon, the Dash button, might revolutionize the way we perceive regular grocery shopping. Long story short, Amazon with the cooperation of most known brands, has released IoT click-on buttons that reorder products that are about to finish.
With popular companie’s like Tide, Gillette or Maxwell House buttons, users could reorder favourite coffee or laundry product, just as they see it half-or- more-way gone. Dash buttons are stickable to anything, so placing them on a coffee or washing machine is an easy way to manage supplies. After a click, the order is transferred to amazon, and manageable with an app (delivery, quantity). That stated, imagine more.
Imagine products that KNOW they are about to finish, send you a message about it, and communicate with other tools around your house. Your fridge can tell you what’s been missing and a teapot, that’s the right time for your Earl Grey, and bananas remind you, that they are about to expire. This is future ahead, so look out for another Amazon Dash lookalikes.

Can you use IoT to communicate?

But e-commerce ordering can be put on a wider scale. Apps like estimate can mingle both mobile & real-time experience, as they inform you about menus or sales around your area. Those smart beacons connect to devices nearby, mostly by bluetooth and update you on the info about what’s going on in your store or a close-by area.
They know what product you are missing in the card by a reminder placed before shopping, send you available sizes va app, when you pick a piece of clothing and have the product’s description at hand. iBeacons devices share a lot of information between the retailer and the customer and even can make you order food while being in the restaurant (no waiter just an app).
But, as you can imagine, not everything can be found on the market, so Beacons online purchase suggestions happen to be very popular. Internet is growing fast, and dragging amazing possibilities with it, such as IoT. We do not know what to expect within the next years, but it could become legendary for your e-commerce. Better watch out for them then!