How to Convert Google Analytics Data into E-Commerce Sales


No matter what you sell online, understanding your Google Analytics data is key to your success. As the most powerful search engine worldwide, Google offers the best tool for tracking everything from site visits to user behavior, to inbound channels, and much more.
Assuming you’re not completely new to analytics, this is still a pretty scary dashboard to look at (especially for those of us who are visual people). Throw in PPC advertising with Google, and this gets about three times as complicated.
This is why we’ve launched a new Masterclass webinar which will be held next Wednesday, March 22nd at 4 pm (GMT) for those who want to know the secrets to unlocking the true power behind Google Analytics.
Let’s break down what you’ll learn in just 45 minutes:
-Real-Time Statistics: How can you use real-time analytics to adapt the way your e-commerce functions.
-Audience: How to implement the demographics, interests, localization, behaviors, and devices into an optimized e-commerce sales funnel.
-Acquisition: Where are my customers coming from, and is my Adwords campaign working at maximum efficiency?
-Behavior: Where are my customers dropping off and how do I prevent it?
-Conversions: How do I get my customers to follow through my sales funnel to the end and how do I track this?
Knowing these important user statistics is understanding your customers on a fundamental level: you get information like what your users are interested in, where they are in the world, and how they interact with your site. While it’s always great to explore and figure things out on your own, it would be even more interesting to understand from the beginning to get the most out of your data.
Luckily, the Google Analytics Masterclass hosted by Veeqo to walk you through unlocking the most out of Google Analytics with expert Dan Barker. With over 20 years of experience in e-commerce and digital marketing, he will walk you through each of the different ways you can use Google Analytics to improve your e-commerce site optimization and strategy.
If you’ve ever wondered how to set up real actionable goals in Google Analytics and how to best understand your data that translates into real conversion, this Masterclass webinar is for you. There will also be a few bonus topics like how to diversify your marketing channels, optimize your UX, track your merchandising effectiveness, and much more.
Want the info but can’t make the class? Never fear! Sign up anyway and the video of the webinar will be sent directly to you through email.