How to search for a person’s email address + Discover “FindThatLead”


Find That Lead! Finding the email address of a person you want to contact, whether for personal or professional reasons, is a practice that is more common today than you can imagine.
In fact, if you’ve come this far, I’m sure you’ve ever wanted to contact someone, but you didn’t have their email address to write to and send them a question, message or other request, did you?
So in this guide I want to show you 3 generic ways to do this, plus a tool called “FindThatLead” that will also help you in this task.
And in case you’ve never had this need, you may be wondering when you see the title of this article:

Why would I want to search for someone’s email address?

Instinctively, the ability to communicate is something innate to people, so whether or not you are in an Internet-related job, you may often need to find a person’s email address by first and last name.
There are several reasons, which can be:

► Reconnect with a family member and/or friend

Fortunately, one of the advantages of today’s most popular social networks and other digital channels is that they bring together family or friends who, for one reason or another, have lost touch or are not physically in the same city.
Therefore, searching for the email of this type of person can be the trigger that drives you to undertake this search.

► Search for collaborations with other professionals

It is also very possible that you have heard about the achievements of someone in a discipline or professional area related to yours and with whom you feel like collaborating.
In this way, an almost instinctive act is to search for his or her e-mail address in order to make him or her a proposal for a “win-win” type of strategic collaboration.
And also, it’s important to be aware that this is a “slightly less cold and invasive” way to knock on another professional’s door, because if you directly find their phone number and call them, they might NOT take it too well.

► Networking with a person from your sector

If you find a way to contact a professional who is of interest to you via email, you could meet with him or her to get lost in one of the dozens of congresses and events that are held in your country.

► Search for work in companies of your interest

Another of the reasons that could lead you to want to find a person by name and surname, along with their corporate email address, is to apply for a job.
This way, if you already have your professional Curriculum Vitae updated and you know how to contact the Human Resources (HR) manager or recruiter in question, it will be much easier for you to let them know your intention to be part of their team.

IMPORTANT: using these techniques to find an email and then adding it to a newsletter or mailing list is NOT LEGAL. These methods can only be used for the purpose of contacting someone personally, never in a mass or commercial or promotional manner. (More information here: RGPD 2018).

3 Generic ways to search for a person’s email over the Internet

Given the relative ease with which we have today to find the email address or even the phone number of the person we want to contact, here are some ways “within everyone’s reach” to achieve this:

1) Google your first and last name

As you well know, we live in a digital age where it is often said that “Google knows everything”, so that only by searching for what we want to know in this search engine, we could find the answer in just a few seconds.
In this particular case, if you are lucky and the user you are looking for does not have a very popular first and last name, just by entering this information, you might find a way to contact him or her.
This will depend a lot on the digital presence that he or she has, since it is not the same that he or she is dedicated to some profession related to Online Business, as is my case, to having some other more traditional occupation.
Captura de pantalla 2018 09 09 a las 14.03.40
For example, if you only knew my name and surname, you can see how you would have more than one way to contact me, when my own website (with its contact form) and several of my accounts in social networks appear as first results.

2) Through your Facebook account

Who isn’t on Facebook these days? Obviously, not everyone has a profile on this network. But because it is so popular worldwide, it is very likely that you will find the person you are looking for here.
Therefore, if you enter the search engine of this platform and indicate your name and surname, it is very likely that you will find your personal profile or corporate Facebook page, in case it has a company or business.
In the latter case, this finding could lead you to his company, through which you could find the way to find that person’s email address.
Personal Facebook profile
But, if you can finally find that person by their personal profile, among their highlights, they can add their email address, next to their website.
As you can see from the previous screenshot, you can make it easy for anyone in this situation to find your contact or, on the contrary, indicate it as hidden information in the biography in the “Basic and contact information” section.

3) In your professional LinkedIn account information

Depending on how you have set up your professional account on LinkedIn, you can also specify your personal or corporate email account as your personal contact mode.
It is also likely that this information will not be provided by the person of your interest, that is, you will have to choose other options. In which case, you will have to look in their extract, where here all the professionals indicate, as a letter of employment presentation, what they do and what specialty they focus their professional career.
Perhaps, hopefully, they will indicate your website or email address.
However, in order to access all this information, it is advisable to create an account on LinkedIn, since if you do not have a profile on this platform, you will be very limited to viewing certain information.
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How to search for a person’s email step by step with the Find That Lead tool?

With one of these 3 methods, it is possible that the user in question that you want to know your professional email address does not specify it on your website, Facebook or LinkedIn account.
Therefore, they are alternative and somewhat generic methods of trying to get to know this personal or corporate information, which may not lead you to your email address, if it is not specified in one of these 3 channels.
But if you want to make sure you find a specific person’s email address in a much more professional way, then you need to rely on much more powerful and specially designed tools.

Even so, you should keep in mind that just because you know of several ways to contact the person you are interested in does not mean that you should.
Moreover, if I were you, I would say that this is a somewhat cold or invasive way of making any personal or professional contact.

It all depends at this point on what topic you are going to discuss with him/her, as it is not the same thing that your purpose is to send him/her publicity by SPAMming, as it is to contact him/her politely and personally to talk about some topic of mutual interest.
This is the case today: “Find That Lead“, which I will explain step by step in this guide how it works and what advantages it has over other similar applications.
And, since I have a feeling you don’t know her yet, I’ll start by talking to you briefly about her, and then reveal how you can also search for the e-mail address of a specific person:

What is Find That Lead?

According to their own creators, FindThatLead is a software to automate your outbound marketing process and has different tools to do all the manual prospecting work for you.
In addition, its creators have also devised an extension for Chrome, which you can download here. With it you can discover emails directly from LinkedIn, Twitter and websites, among others.
In addition, this software contains other tools such as:

How to find the email address of a specific person? Step by step guide

There are many ways to get an email with “Find That Lead”. This would be the procedure, which I will give you step by step so you can do it yourself:

1) Registration on the platform

The first thing to do is to register on the website.
You can sign up with your LinkedIn, Facebook or Google Plus profile if you prefer and it is more convenient for you.

2) Access one of the payment plans

It is important to note that, like almost all of the most powerful and professional tools on the market, it comes with a monthly payment.
It has 4 paid plans, for different levels of scale and automation.

Access one of the payment plans

They also have a “forever free” plan, with 150 credits per month, which may suit you, depending on your needs.

Once registered, you should look for the “Search > Lead Search” option, located inside your client dashboard. From here you can start searching for anyone’s email address, as I mentioned earlier.

lead search
Access to Lead Search

4) Indicate the specific details of the person

Enter the name and domain of the person you are looking to contact.
For example: “Victor Llatas” from El Corte Inglés.

search person
Indicate the specific details of the person

5) Search for the desired email address

Afterwards, you must click on “Start Searching” and the program automatically returns the results to you, after a few seconds of waiting for it to process the information you have provided.
You can see this in the following image, with the previous example:

find person
Search for the desired email address

Things to consider in Find That Lead search results

Once you have found the contact in question, you must consider this series of factors, with respect to the final result:

► Confidence score

Every email generated by the tool has a “trust score”. In this case, 99% green means that email is correct and you can use it.
For other cases, the tool itself will let you know if the email address it has in its database is highly trusted or not, so that you can decide for yourself how to use the information the tool gives you.


As you have seen, there are several ways to search for a person’s email address, to get in touch with him/her over the Internet.
Whether it’s to offer you a chance to collaborate professionally or simply to regain lost contact, tools like FindThatLead help you avoid spending a great deal of time figuring out how to talk to that person.