Incite Marketing Summit West 2020

Incite Marketing Summit West 2020

Bringing together 300+ CMOs and marketing strategists from the world’s most recognizable brands, the Incite Marketing Summit (May 14-15, San Diego) is 2020’s meeting of the marketing elite.
Purpose-built to guide you seamlessly into the future of marketing, there are four essential themes for 2020:

  • Futureproof Your Brand with Purpose
  • From Sell, Sell, Sell to Valuable Marketing
  • The Future of Digital Marketing & Personalization
  • Harness Influencers & Create Lasting Partnerships

Hear from Intel, Grubhub, Uber, US Bank, SurveyMonkey, Dolby,, and more. A holistic cross-industry, cross discipline approach to purpose-driven, data-backed marketing driven by innovation – check it out here:
Incite Marketing Summit 2020
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Press release:

Following the recent Reuters acquisition, the Incite Group are transforming their marketing series and launching a three-day flagship event in San Diego. This meeting is 2020’s gathering of the marketing elite.
Reuters Events have launched the Incite Marketing Summit (May 14-15, San Diego), releasing the agenda and theme – a call to end inauthentic, impersonal marketing. With an influx of new technology and big data, the past decade was a learning curve for the next phase of marketing – one where brands are purpose-driven, campaigns are truly data-backed, and marketers are recognized as true business leaders. 

“It’s been a decade of data-fuelled opportunity and we’ve seen some of the most effective marketing campaigns in history, but we’ve also witnessed some of the most damaging –customer expectations are at an all-time high and brand trust at an all-time low. So the question is: how can we harness evolving martech, retain the human-element, and authentically connect with our customers? Come and celebrate this next phase with the marketing elite – and bring back brand trust.” – Jasmine Kees, Global Project Director, Reuter’s Events.

Four essential themes for 2020:

  1. Futureproof Your Brand with Purpose: Delivering a quality product is no longer enough to engage your customers. Consumers now expect brands to have a purpose and give back to humanity. It’s time to find and share your brand purpose.
  2. From Sell, Sell, Sell to Valuable Marketing: Customers want to engage with brands that offer them experiences beyond making a purchase. Deliver personalized marketing that is helpful and appreciated, rather than unwanted digital noise.
  3. The Future of Martech & Personalization: Embed insights from historical and real-time data, alongside these AI capabilities, to fully understand your customers and make an impact at every touchpoint. Save billions with martech and automation.
  4. Harness Influencers & Create Lasting Partnerships: Amplify your reach! Collaborate with the right influencers, build long lasting partnerships, create quality content, and coach them to do your brand justice.

“Thinking it terms of functional boundaries – where marketing produces “traffic” and product drives “conversion” and customer service “saves” the experience, is very much outdated. The role of the CMO, or a chief growth officer, is to do everything it takes to drive the growth of the business – be it through advertising, PR, product, or customer service. We need to stop being functional specialists, often speaking about the brand most of the time, and become true business leaders, who are able to use a wide toolbox of functional expertise to grow the business.” – Alex Weinstein, Senior Vice President, Growth, Grubhub

CMOs and marketing leaders influencing the direction of marketing weigh in as speakers, including:

    • Chris Curtin, Chief Brand & Innovation Marketing Officer, Visa
    • Maital Rasmussen, Head of Global Marketing, Roche 
    • Olivier Ropars, Chief Marketing Officer, Stubhub
    • Conny Chan Wang, Director, Global Brand Marketing, LinkedIn
    • Ira Rubenstein, Chief Digital and Marketing Officer, PBS
    • Leela Srinivasan, Chief Marketing Officer, SurveyMonkey
    • Alex Weinstein, Senior Vice President, Growth, Grubhub
    • Erica Chan, Head of Brand and Marketing,
    • Erin Gulden, Vice President, Inbound Marketing, US Bank
    • Robert Deline, Vice President, Global Marketing, Intel
    • Will Cady, Head of Brand Strategy, Reddit
    • Carol Tran, Head of Growth, Dolby
    • Doug, Jensen, SVP, CRM, Corporate Marketing Analytics and Innovation Insights, Estee Lauder


“Brilliant brands, brilliant missions, and brilliant minds all in one place to share, listen, and learn from – it’s a collaborative, crowdsourced economy” – Alison Herzog, Director, Global Social Business & Digital Strategy, Dell 

The Incite Marketing Summit will run from May 13-15 at the Mission Bay Resort in San Diego. Kicking off with the pre-summit workshops and registration party on the afternoon of May 13, the two-day summit will host a variety of case-study presentations, panel discussions, class-room style workshops and interactive roundtables attended by 300+ CMOs and marketing strategists.
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