How product lead tools can increase your sales!

How product lead tools can increase your sales

In the era where the majority of people are using social media platforms, all the user generated content (UGC) is becoming more important for e-commerce brands. Fans and followers are consuming and creating social media content that will include your products and brand. The best images are often generated by users – they post over 1.8 billion images to social channels every day. Why don’t you use and promote all this content for your business?
First of all, traditional ad campaigns are not going away for a while, however inserting UGC into your marketing strategy will keep the fresh content that subscribers want to see.
About 50% of customers look for reviews and trust other people who’ve made a purchase. You do it too, unknowingly. You go to a product page, look at images, look at the price and the description. Sometimes you forget about the description and you jump straight to the reviews, to see why someone gave it a 4.5/5 and not more.
Studies have shown that 92% of online consumers trust recommendations from others. As an entrepreneur, you can spend a huge chunk of your time running paid ads and creating compelling posts to entice people to buy. However, you won’t be able to give customers a solid reason to do business with you if you don’t showcase authentic testimonials from real users.
More than that, the relationship you want is not just between you and your customers, it’s also between past and future customers. In essence, you’re creating the base for a community that is based solely on shopping at your e-commerce store.
Now, that we understand the impact of UGC, let’s focus on Instagram.
Let’s imagine that your company affiliates with an influencer to promote your products, you succeed in creating brand awareness and a highly-shareable campaign that gets people thinking about your product or services. Next you want to measure all this and see what means in terms of sales.
How do you attract all these potential buyers and direct them to your business? Fortunately, we have the answer.

The easy solution to monetize your social content

With tools such as Product Lead you can build a bridge between your followers and your story. Instantly turn your content into a revenue stream.

How it works

First, build a powerful piece of content for your audience. Next, identify the products in your pictures and guide your audience by adding pins with the links where they can find that specific product. Sell the products with an enhanced shopping experience.
Instagram only allows your fans to see your products, services, and content. With the gallery, your audience can find useful information about your product like price and size and shop your Instagram feed. This tool helps you to transform any image into a smart one, where your visitors can quickly identify and take action on the products.
How product lead tools can increase your sales

Benefits for the e-commerce community

Imagine a situation where you entice customers to post reviews and images on social media. Then you, as an ecommerce brand, gather all that content up and organize it in your product pages, according to what customers have bought.
You’ve got instant validation that your products are real, your shop is trustworthy and your customers’ shopping experience feels more like a sure thing and less like a guessing game.
You probably notice comments left under your posts saying: “How much does it cost?” or “Where can I find this?” People want to know all this information about the product as easily and quickly as possible.
Your content receives a lot of likes, but you don’t know what happens after? With tools such as Product Lead, you are able to measure the social ROI of your content and find opportunities to improve your business.
The user can do a fast social purchase. He can click on your content and add the product directly into the shopping basket, from your website, for a streamlined e-commerce experience. In this way it is improving the user experience by making it easier for consumers to do what they want to do anyway: buy the products they see on Social Media.

Benefits for influencers

If you are an influencer, you need to know that Product Lead Tools you can analyze the impact of your content and you will get a commission for every sale your content generates. Develop a future shoppable experience for your fans and turn all your social media efforts into commercial results.
People trust people. Whatever you are a company or an influencer, social media has enabled communication on a much greater scale than ever imagined. The technologies in such tools are deepening the connection between people, brands and products.
Product Lead is not just helping e-commerce companies sell more, it’s also helping customers find the product they are interested in, and interact with online retailers more quickly than ever, improving the e-commerce experience.
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