Mailjet Review: Enhance Your Email Campaigns with Ease

mailjet analysis

Mailjet is a French email marketing platform, founded in 2010 by Wilfried Durand and Julien Tartarin that has quickly become a leading force in the industry. With an estimated annual revenue of $14.8 million and a dedicated team of 98 employees, Mailjet has garnered significant success in providing seamless and effective email solutions. This all-in-one web-based tool simplifies the process of sending both promotional and transactional emails, offering advanced reports and real-time tracking to ensure high delivery rates. Whether you’re a freelancer, a medium-sized business, or a large enterprise, Mailjet empowers you to optimize your email marketing efforts and elevate your communication strategies.

What is Mailjet

Mailjet is a versatile email marketing tool designed to simplify the process of sending and tracking emails. With its RESTful API and SMTP integrations, you can effortlessly integrate Mailjet with various applications and popular CMS systems. Whether you choose from ready-made templates, create your own using the drag & drop builder, or use your HTML templates, Mailjet offers flexibility and ease in crafting your campaigns. Real-time monitoring of your campaign’s progress allows you to analyze key metrics, making it easier to optimize your email strategy.

The registration process is like a normal website registration. You need an email address and fill in the basic information. After activating your email address, you will have access to your free 30 days trial. 

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The Features of Mailjet

Mailjet features can be divided into 2 main categories:

  • Email Marketing 
  • Email API 

Email Marketing

Mailjet’s email marketing features are designed to simplify and optimize your email campaigns, ensuring engaging and successful interactions with your audience. With a wide array of tools at your disposal, Mailjet makes it easy to create eye-catching campaigns that resonate with your email list. Special features of Mailjet can help you get the most out of your email marketing campaigns. Features like:

  • Templates 
  • Drag-and-drop editor
  • Contact management
  • Role management
  • Advanced Statistics
  • A/B testing

Email API 

For businesses seeking a technical-focused email solution at scale, Mailjet API offers the perfect solution. While Mailjet’s standard email marketing platform caters to businesses that require marketing functions, Mailjet API is tailored to those in need of efficient transactional emails and bulk messaging. Integrating Mailjet API is a breeze, allowing you to schedule, send, and track emails via SMTP relay or their send API within minutes.

Speed and inbox deliverability is paramount, and Mailjet API delivers on both fronts. Swiftly send out emails while ensuring they reach recipients’ inboxes effectively. Personalize your emails using Handlebars 3.0 or Golang, giving you the flexibility to tailor your messages to individual recipients.

Mailjet API boasts user-friendly infrastructures, providing a seamless experience with simple SMTP integration and RESTful APIs. Whether you need to send 10 emails or scale up to 10 million and beyond, Mailjet API accommodates your requirements efficiently. Streamline your email communication with Mailjet API and experience the power of reliable and scalable email delivery.

Easily access and compare campaign results with previous mailings to make informed decisions and improve your marketing efforts.

Support from Mailjet

Mailjet website offers a section of frequently asked questions, direct technical support is available through 24/7 email assistance in English, French, German, and Spanish. 

Additionally, their blog contains a wealth of tutorial videos, articles, and webinars to help you manage and enhance your campaigns effectively.

Mailjet Price

With a “free for life” plan offering up to 6000 emails per month, Mailjet allows you to experience its functionality without any cost. 

Upgrading to the first pricing plan opens up more opportunities, including A/B tests, campaign comparisons, and database segmentations. But the prices of each plan depend on the minimum number of emails you want to send. Prices can differ from $15 for the Essential plan to $35 per month. And for the Premium plan it varies from $25 to $425 per month. 

Moreover, Mailjet offers personalized plans for massive email senders (over 900,000 emails per month) and extends a 20% discount to non-profit organizations.


Mailjet is an excellent choice for individuals and businesses seeking an efficient, feature-rich, and cost-effective tool for managing promotional and transactional emails. Whether you are a freelancer or a large enterprise, Mailjet’s robust functionality and accessible pricing make it a compelling solution to elevate your email marketing campaigns. 

Improve your marketing performance by implementing email marketing techniques.