Nora Inveiss (Printful): “We want to offer as much as we can, to help small business owners scale their businesses”

nora inveiss printful

Introducing Nora Inveiss, Content Marketer at Printful. In this video, Nora gives us an insight in to what they have to offer and the future of printing on demand, dropshipping and online stores.
Nora: My name is Nora. I’m here with Printful or a print on demand dropshipping company. So basically what we do is you connect your online store with us. And then when you get an order from a customer we will print and ship it out to your end customer. But we also offer a ton of other services like our warehousing and fulfillment. We offer design services photography services and we really want to offer as much as we can to help small business owners launch and scale their businesses online.
Nora: So the main benefit of using print on demand for your store and I guess there’s two main benefits. The first one is you save time and the second one is you save money. So with print on demand you don’t have to order bulk inventory. Kind of guess what sells best guess what designs are going to go what sizes you need. Everything is printed on demand. So if you get an order then we print it out and send it to your end customer. There’s no minimums you can order as much or as little as you like. And the second benefit is that you save time so you don’t have to print anything yourself. You don’t have to box things and ship things. We take care of all that for you. That leaves you more time to do what you love and do the marketing and more business side of the business.
Nora: That’s the great part about print full is also that we integrate with 14 e-commerce platforms. A lot of the most popular ones on the market right now. So that includes Shopify weekly Etsy square space commerce. So it’s really easy to get started with us. We also have an API. So if you are a little bit more maybe tech savvy then you can also take our API and create it use it for your own store. All right.
Nora: So some of the best practices that I recommend if you’re just starting out your online store. And first of all take really great product photos people can’t actually touch and feel your products or try them on if they’re shopping for them online. So having really nice. Product photos is going to come a long way and the same goes for product descriptions. That’s a really great place where you can show your personality and kind of show off how your brand is. And then also really convince your customer to buy your product. And describe why they should buy your products. So those are kind of two really great ways to make your product stand out on your store and convince people to buy.