Predictive Analytics World: Health 2020

paw health

The Premier Machine Learning Conference for the Healthcare Industry
May 11 – 12 2020, Munich

Applying Deep Learning & Machine Learning for the good of the patient

The current AI hype is a result of a series of breakthroughs in the research of deep neural networks. Many of the new, so-called deep learning techniques were initially invented and used to solve challenges in biochemistry and medicine, e.g. for gene detection. Despite its origin, nowadays AI is often associated with marketing automation or autonomous driving. These cases are tangible and easy to understand. However, many critical and relevant applications are deployed in healthcare, pharmacy and life sciences: they are not only cost- but often life-saving. By bringing the successful PAW Healthcare conference series to Munich, we will provide a regional platform for the European data science community to share their success stories and insights with their industry peers. Two well established conferences, PAW Industry 4.0 and Deep Learning World, are running parallel in the same venue. Don’t miss these two days in May, that will provide the perfect platform for in-depth knowledge-sharing, interactive, expert discussions and intensive industry networking.

Why attend?

Attend Predictive Analytics World for Healthcare and witness today’s rapidly emerging movement to fortify healthcare with big data’s biggest win: the power to predict. The premier cross-vendor networking event, this conference assembles the industry’s leaders to deliver case studies and expertise, revealing how predictive analytics:

  • Improves patient care
  • Reduces costs
  • Brings greater efficiencies to the healthcare industry

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