Shoptalk: ‘We have more in common than what divide us’

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We have more in common that what divides us; the phrase that paints the picture of Shoptalk’s objective for 2018. Great success in their previous events and the enormous interest has shown the need for an event to move past borders, regions and even oceans. Leaders in the e-commerce industry from all over the world will bring people together and will stimulate cross-border business relations. For this reason, Shoptalk has decided on a combined event for both the US and Europe in 2018!
Shoptalk started out as an American event which grew from 3100 to 5500 participants in the first two years. This is now reflecting on its European sister event, which is bound for the same success. Due to these events bringing together numerous businesses and enabling great opportunities, Shoptalk combines the American and European communities to create a global dialogue on retail and ecommerce.

Adi Tatarko, CEO & Co-Founder Houzz, & Courtney Reagan, Retail Reporter, CNBC

They mention the retail of the future is coming for all of us and keeping up is essential to be successful on a global level. A global conversation will be opened at the event and will bring together diverse communities of creators and innovators, leading technologies and trends and structures from all global ecommerce hubs over the world.
If you are interested in being part of the first global event that focuses on innovation in retail & ecommerce, keep your eye out for the Shoptalk event that will take place in the Venetian in Las Vegas in March 2018! You can get more details on the global Shoptalk event here.

But first: Shoptalk Europe in Copenhagen

Shoptalk Europe is taking place from 8 to 11 Ocotber 20017 and is thus coming up very quickly! It will take place in Copenhagen at the Bella Center. It is considered as one of Europe’s most anticipated events for innovation in ecommerce and retail.  The events has built a European community centered on innovation in retail as well ecommerce. The event will host over 2200 executives who will be sharing their expertise and insider tips on all types of topics.
Participants will be made up out of retailers and brands; start-up disruptors, tech companies; investors and media agencies. An event you can’t miss out on if you are looking for the latest trends in the field.
Not only does the event bring together people from all types of industries and companies, they are also from an international background with participants representing over 50 countries from in and outside of the EU. The 200 companies present at the event will be giving you access to information from all corners of the globe.

Here is what you will experience

The event aims to uncover all steps of the customer journey and looks at how customers discover, shop and purchase on a digital level. More than 225 speakers will be sharing their experiences as well as their expert tips and insights in the newest technologies. 15 different tracks will divide the event into sections in which you will able to find what you are looking for. Moreover, over a 100 sessions will enable you to share and get feedback on developments and ideas.
The event is also offering great opportunities to meet new businesses and kick off great partnerships. Their formal networking programs will facilitate more than 3000 onsite meetings. Take part in the ‘Hosted Retailers & Brands Program’ and ‘Retailers & Brands Networking Dinners’ and discover which relationships can benfit your business!
Shoptalk Europe is bound to be a thrilling and fruitfull event and we can’t wait to be part of it!
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