Top 5 Website Design Trends for your Webpage

Top 5 Website Design Trends for your Webpage

It is hard to find a person who has never tried online shopping or who hasn’t even heard about it. The reasons why online shopping is gaining popularity are quite obvious. Firstly, smartphones and tablets are not large and you have a possibility to carry and use a device whenever you need it, so visiting an online shop becomes a pleasant and quick experience.
Secondly, the format of smartphones and tablets gives more chances to see images in details, as you can easily enlarge pictures. So, if you run a business, creating an online version of it is definitely an idea worth considering. In fact, online business is not limited to online shops, as it also includes numerous other companies that deal with selling and buying. Think about online cafes and restaurants, about booking a visit to a beauty salon, or about purchasing a season ticket to a sports club.
When you have chosen a platform to run your online business, such as Shopify, for example, it is time to find out the best ways to create an efficient webpage. Here, you can find out top 5 website design trends in developing ecommerce pages.

Personalize Your Company

Your customers will compare your company and your website design with other similar businesses, so your task is to make a unique webpage that will reflect your own style. Personalization of a webpage is not a difficult undertaking if you are working with ready-made design templates, such as the ones developed by professionals at TemplateMonster.
Such ready-made themes give you unlimited opportunities to adjust the webpage to your style and needs. Choose from various background options, apply different layouts, choose any necessary elements and emphasize important points with various fonts and colors. Your page will be remembered by its design.

Impress Your Visitors with your Webpage

Remember that you have just one chance to attract your visitors’ attention and to make them want to scroll your page in order to find what they need. Without any doubt, such visual effects as Parallax effect or Lazy Load effect will produce a great impact on people. After your customers have been affected visually, you can continue and inspire them to choose from a variety of goods or services presented by your company.

Be Organized

If there is an enormous variety of products or services on your site, your visitors can get lost in them very easily. To prevent this, it is recommended to organize your goods or services into logical categories and subcategories. Such a powerful tool as MegaMenu will help you to give a better look to your categories and improve navigation through all the goods. Also, adding product tags and exact descriptions of products and services will facilitate the use of your website.

Improve Functionality & Design

This can be considered the most important part of creating an efficient ecommerce website, because even the most colorful and impressive webpage will lose customers if it is difficult to use. When people are buying something online, they will appreciate the site’s features and options that make the process of purchase easier.
Firstly, the website should be responsible, i.e. it should quickly adjust to different devices and browsers that people are using. In such a way, customers will be able to read the text of appropriate size and to see pictures correctly.
Secondly, the process of choosing goods should be assisted with the help of different sorting options. So, instead of scrolling all the items in their search results, people will get a chance to choose goods of the color or size that they need, for instance.
Thirdly, if your customers are in doubt which item to choose, a wishlist will come in useful, as they will be able to add the chosen items to the wishlist, think for some time, and make their final decision, without having to look for these items again.
Fourthly, you can encourage your customers by showing similar items of the same category that they have probably missed. In such a way, your clients will be sure that they have a wide choice and rate your company highly. To show different products effectively, you can apply product carousels and sliders. They do not take much of the precious website’s space, but they organize goods effectively.
Moreover, your website will attract more customers internationally if it is translated into different languages and if it supports different currencies. So, think about running a multilingual and multicurrency webpage to ensure a wider reach to the audience.
A lot of ready-made Shopify themes include the features mentioned above, so you do not have to worry about adding them to your website.

Keep in Touch

A good online business thinks about customers continuously, so they have a possibility to communicate with the company. To promote this communication, you can use different tools. A newsletter form will give people a chance to subscribe to your emails and receive updates about your products regularly.
A contact form will be useful for those who want to ask a question or specify anything. A commenting system will contribute to the discussion, so your customers will leave their fair feedback about your goods and services. When other people read real feedback and join the discussion, they feel more secure and trust your company more.
Various follow buttons, such as Facebook Like Box, are indispensable for those people who like getting news via social networks. It is easy to share information there, so both your company and your clients benefit when your company’s page is created in social networks and your main website has follow buttons to direct people there. Furthermore, you can create a blog on your website to post updates or useful pieces of information for your clients.
To conclude, you should think both about the look of your site and its functionality when you are creating an ecommerce webpage. If you want to have a chance to experiment with different templates to find your perfect one, or if you are running several online businesses, there is an incredible chance to save money with a Shopify subscription plan.

Image credit : Filtra Noor