How to use the Power of Content


Content is king, that much is sure. So simply creating it should answer all of your problems right? Anyone who has ever so much as looked at a company knows that not all content is king, and that what you create needs to be just the right kind of content for it to work for your company.
But creating that content that fits with your company is not always easy. We have had the great pleasure to get expert tips on this topic from Stacey Herbert, founder of Brazen Profit Lab better known as the content queen. Stacey shared knowledgeable and applicable tips with us that you can start working with today, and we are sharing them with you!
These great tips will help you with creating awesome content that will help your audience find, trust and buy your products. These tips will definitely help boost your sales!

Check out some of the tips:

Get all the creating done at once

Take that time to sit down and write that content. It can be hard sometimes but just getting it done is the best way to go. Having a bunch of articles ready to go, makes your job a whole lot easier for the next few weeks and will give you the time to focus on other important tasks. Start by writing down words that can help you in reaching the SEO criteria and base your article around those words. Make sure that these words are appropriate and suitable for the products you are offering.

Use creative ways to find the right wording

Finding the right wording can be hard sometimes. You are familiar with the technical wording and perhaps have a different way of describing your products and services than your audience does.
Stacey gave us the example of Dr. Axe, an e-commerce store that sells holistic products. If you want to find the right words and description of your products you need to take the point of view of your audience. They might not look for the benefits of e.g. Tumeric Oil but rather to the remedies that this oil can provide. For example: ‘How to get rid of lower back pain’, would be the question your audience is asking themselves.
Expert tip: Type in ideas in Google but let the automatic suggestions inspire you for new wording ideas!

Use evergreen content

You have written all that content for a reason; to get it out there to your audience! Some content will always stay relevant for your products or services. Having it republished after so many weeks is a great way to re-use your hard work and it gives people who didn’t see it the first time the chance to read it as well. It keeps your audience informed on information that remains relevant over time.
It will be useful for people who have just recently joined your community, they might not have had the chance to read your older articles, even though they might be just as relevant as they were when they were published.

And much much more!

These are just some of the amazing tips that Stacey has shared with us! Don’t miss out on the rest, take a look at the complete webinar here:

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