Learn How to Impress your Customers with the Perfect Unboxing Experience


Did you know that a first impression is made within the first seconds a person sees their order?

The unboxing experience has become a trend that can’t be ignored. Many people have started making videos and photos to share their unboxing experience with the world. It is important to make sure your package gives your customers a great experience when opening it up. They are, after all, ambassadors of your brand that make free promotion for your products. You can be sure that once you ace that unboxing moment, you will turn them into happy and loyal customers!
But how can you give your customers that extraordinary experience? Paper packaging could be the thing you are looking for! YouTube videos and Instagram photos are exposing your packaging material for the world to see. You wouldn’t want to be on video in your pajamas, would you? You want to look your best. Therefore, it is important to make sure your packages, representing your brand, look at their finest as well!

Impressing your customers with a great unboxing experience with paper packaging combines two important things: the wow factor and the ecological values of your company. Not only is paper packaging the preferred material for your online orders, but it is also eco-friendly and helps build a better overall image for your e-commerce store.
Besides impressing your clients, it also changes the packaging process for you. Implementing paper packaging solutions will improve ergonomics whilst increasing the throughput dramatically. And we all know speed is of the essence in e-commerce. Moreover, paper packaging can also reduce damages that occur during the delivery stage and it will simplify your packaging process. Less damage and quicker to pack translates into more money, which is always favorable right?
Learn all about how you can create a great unboxing experience for your customers and what changing to paper packaging can mean for your packaging process. Join our webinar: ‘Learn how to create the unboxing experience’ on the 5th of September at 16:30 PM (CEST), 15:30 PM (GMT) and 10:30 AM (EST), with Ranpak.
In this webinar you will learn all you need to know about creating the unboxing experience by using paper packaging. As well as how the use of paper materials can change your packing process for the better.
Here is an overview of what you can expect to learn from this webinar:

  • How to optimize the unboxing experience for your customers
  • Why paper packaging is the favourable material to choose for
  • How it will change your packing process

Grab your spot for the webinar today and learn how to become a master of the unboxing experience.

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