How to Hack your Competitors SEO Strategy – Ahrefs Review

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Ahrefs s is definitely one of the most famous keyword search tools that exist in the market these days. As e-commerce owner, you know more than anyone else the importance of having a great SEO strategy in place in order to rank higher than your competition. This is the reason why you need a tool that is able to provide you with valuable information. Ahrefs can definitely do the trick.
Ahrefs claims that it crawls 6 billion web pages and 200 million root domains every day, and that their index size is 12 trillion of known links and 3 trillion known URLs. That’s a whole lot of data to use.

Ahrefs Summary of Features

ahref dashboard

If you are looking for a complete SEO tool that is able to give you all the information you need to build a robust SEO strategy then Ahrefs is the number one tool.
And this is the main reason why this solution is so popular: you can analyse everything you need for your SEO strategy thanks to its very detailed information reports. Ahrefs provides you with detailed competitive analysis, backlink research, keyword research, content research, web monitoring, rank tracking, and more.
Ahrefs provides you with so much information that they have gathered the most important ones on their dashboard so that you can have access to everything at a glance:

What does Ahrefs offers me?

Whether you already have your SEO strategy in place or you are just starting your journey, there is data that you must take into account concerning your own results as well as your competition’s results (using Ahrefs in order to assess your competitor’s result and strategy is also a great way to use it). Below are some of the most interesting features that you will enjoy:

Ahrefs features

content explorer ahrefs

Ahrefs Rank Domain Rating – This Ahrefs solution has its own algorithms to measure your website’s visibility on the web: Ahrefs URL/Domain Rating and Ahrefs Rank. Ahrefs URL/Domain Rating assess the number and quality of the backlinks from the URL or domain you entered. The algorithm actually calculates a score from 1 to 100 in order to determine the popularity of your website: from 0 to 30 the page/domain is not popular at all, from 31 to 70 it is just in the average but from 71+ the result indicates that it’s actually very popular among your audience.
The Ahrefs Rank – is a more refined formula which is based on above Ahrefs Domain Rating. It will show you the position of the website among the Top 100 million domains registered. Contrary to the other ranking, the lower this position is, the better, because as it means that the website occupies a better position.
Referring domains – By using the referring domain features, you will be able to check which sources link to you as well as to your competitors. If you choose to check the one that links to them but not to you, for example, you can find new backlink opportunities and get in touch with them.
Content explorer – In order to create content that will bring more traffic to your online store and get you better SEO, the content explorer feature allows you to find the most shared content for any topic, depending of the region of the world you focus on (or “everywhere” if the whole World is your playground). This is very useful to check what topic is trendy at the very moment you are making the search. If you can relate, don’t hesitate to do your best in order to be part of it.
You also get detailed result concerning the virality of the content on all social networks : Facebook, Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn. You can also choose to sort them with the total results of the median if you want.
Bonus: Ahrefs gives you access to the list of people who Tweeted this content so that you can even get in contact with them.

Keyword explorer – In the same way, Ahrefs keyword explorer lets you check the keywords you plan on using for your SEO strategy and see which terms are the most used by people when making their search. You will also see how hard it will be using the right keyword in your content creation process, which is one of the priorities you should focus on.
ahrefs keyword search
This feature also propose you related keyword ideas, top countries by volume, traffic share by domains & pages, etc…

ahrefs academy

Site explorer – Thanks to the site explorer tool, you will be able to compare you site to your competitors’ and assess their strengths and weaknesses, alongside your own, in order to adapt your strategy.
Ahrefs Academy – Although Ahrefs is a great tool, people used to express their frustration over its complexity of use. The Ahrefs Academy section now contains everything you need to know in order to use Ahrefs accordingly to your needs. With videos and tutorials, you’ll know the tool like the back of your hand. And if you need more information, the help section is well documented too.

Ahrefs also lets you know the updates that are regularly made on the tools with notifications on the side of the screen to tell you “what’s new this month.”
The backlink profile – Gives you insight about the number of backlinks your website gained and lost in the last 7 days, month, and 3 month period to help you assess the results of your backlink strategy. It’s useful to determine if you are on the right track.
Backlink notification – In order to have efficient SEO strategy you need to define an effective backlink strategy. In order to do so you will want to know when a new backlink that leads to your e-commerce has been created. And no, you are not going to spend hours online reviewing thousands of writers to see if they link to you. This is why Ahrefs allows you to get backlink notifications (if you want to).

Ahrefs plans & prices

AHref plan & pricing

Ahrefs solutions come with a 2 week free trial during which you can test out the incredible amount of features available and then decide if you want to sign up for a monthly or year plan:

Ahrefs contains a lot of tools and features that will make the life of an SEO professional or webmaster who wants more search engine traffic a lot easier. The only downside we can identify is that a lot of small business might not be able to afford the full features plan as Ahrefs solution is indeed a little pricey with its cheapest plan being $99/month.

At a glance, why would you need marketing insight from Ahrefs?

Monitor your competition

What kind of content are your competitors publishing on their websites? What are their search engine and social media results? What are the keywords that are the most profitable for them? There are metrics you cannot ignore if you want to surpass your competition.

Find new content ideas and accurate keywords

Knowing what kind of content is actually getting shared and searched for will help you find ideas for your own e-commerce site. Knowing the right keywords to use is also crucial in an effective SEO strategy.

What websites are currently linking to your competitors (They could also interested in linking to yours website)? What kind of content gets the most backlinks ? What kind of audience is sharing your competitors’ content?

Get started today

Ahrefs is one of the most powerful keywords, content, and backlink checking tools so far. Plus, it supports multiple languages and allows you to plan your international SEO strategy according to the market you are focusing on. Ahrefs is very complete and will definitely help you set up your strategy and improve it with over time, making it more accurate thanks to its numerous features. If you feel like it is time to get serious concerning your SEO, then Ahrefs is a tool made for you. Click here to login and get started.