How to promote your online store using domain names


Thousands of online stores are being launched every day. Naturally, you want to differentiate from the competition and get the biggest possible share of the pie. You have been thinking about many marketing and communication solutions. You have been doing well with these different solutions, but you want more.
What else can you do to promote your online store? Domain names can help you answer that question.

Why do you have to promote your online store?

Like brick & mortar stores, people need to hear and read about you and your online store to get interested in your products/services. Promoting an image and/or your products help you gain visibility. A lot of tools are available to help you do that. Recurring tools often come back, like social media, influencer marketing, content marketing, and many others.
These tools are a great beginning to launch your communication process. Unfortunately, you notice while analyzing your statistics that the majority of your customers access your online store through social media. As a business owner, you want to touch as much prospects as possible.
You start doing your researches and read expertises about search engines in order to touch more people through organic searches. You come across an article talking about domain names. It caught your attention and you start looking for tips and expertises about it and what is has to do with SEO.

Why is the choice of a domain name is important to promote your online store?

Choosing a domain name is a strategic part of launching your own website. First of all, It will represent your brand and help you get recognition from prospects and your customers.
Then, choosing a good domain name, which represents your brand will allow you to rank higher on search engines. Indeed, a good domain name helps with SEO ranking and reaps a wider visibility. In order to rank higher and promote your online store on search engines, your domain name has to work well with the image you want to feed a good image back. You need to have in mind that your domain name is the door to your online store. It is one of the most recognisable part of your online brand.

Finding the right domain name in order to promote your online store

As every marketing and communication process, domain names are lead by many rules. You have to keep it as simple and short as possible. People will recognize and retain your brand and domain names. This branding solution allows you to build a strong image which will help you increase your sales. Plus, keeping your domain name short and simple helps you with your SEO.
Branding will start as soon as people will enter your online store. Some words will naturally stand out from the others, helping your customers identifying your brand and helping Google identifying your online store. Besides identifying your brand, customers will trust your brand if an adequation exists between your online store’s name and your domain name. Obviously, you need your prospects’ trust to sell your products.
Make sure you use popular domains like “.com”. It is the most recognizable one and allows you to gain popularity internationally.
Choosing a domain name to properly promote your online store is a long-term investment. You have to think about the future of your store and your customer’s future needs. This domain name has to fit your products/services even if you add some. Future prospects will lose interest and trust in your online store if you domain name and offer don’t adequate anymore.
Before choosing your domain name, you need to check experts in this domain and learn everything about it. In this webinar, we talk to Shreeja Jamdar, a Senior Marketing Specialist at Radix, a premier domain registry that has over 3 million domains under its management. The webinar will take you through a unique journey into how domain names and links are important for branding, and how you too can begin leveraging them more.

Here is what you can expect from this webinar

  • Why product pages are as important as your homepage but are often overlooked
  • How links and domain names can bridge the gap, and help with SEO
  • What are branded links and how they can help
  • 5 innovative ways of using domain names and branded links for a better brand
  • A special offer on your very own .STORE domain name
  • Q&A session



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