Why are my customers abandoning their carts?

Why are my customers abandoning their carts

It’s easy to diagnose problems when things go wrong with your E-commerce site, but are you diagnosing problems when things seem to work correctly?

There is always room for improvement, and ways to lower cost and improve sales. One area where many E-commerce professionals struggle is cart abandonment. Cart abandonment is when customers visit your site and add items to their cart. However, they end up dropping off somewhere in the purchase phase.

Understanding exactly where customers drop out of a purchase can give you valuable insight into your user experience.

Sales Optimization: “My customers abandon their carts!”

Time to look back at your user experience. We’ve already talked about how surprise fees (including high delivery charges) are the first thing that will make your customers jump ship. But you need to think about every aspect of your sales funnel. Putting obstacles between your customer and the purchase will also push customers to bail out of a purchase.

Why are my customers abandoning their carts

Optimizing your user sales experience will prevent cart abandonment. There are a few simple things you can do to optimize:

  • Shorten all the forms: only ask for the information that’s absolutely necessary!
  • Simplify your checkout process: remember more obstacles = fewer sales.
  • Promote your site’s security: Make your customers feel safe about their information.
  • Look into optimizing shipping to offer lower costs: offering free delivery can be what makes your customer choose you over a competitor.
  • Use Analytics tools: You should know exactly where your customers are dropping off and why.

Most importantly, test your site yourself! Ask others for feedback on your user experience and change what doesn’t work. By optimizing your user experience and optimizing your E-commerce sales funnel, you can drive down your cart abandonment rate and improve customer loyalty.

Ask yourself: What would make you abandon a purchase? Tell us below or tweet us!